LHY Lumin PSU Kit with LPS50VA OR SBooster LPS: Wanting to attach one or the other to my Lumin U2 mini. 

Which would you choose and why? 


bad idea you risk bricking roiur unit a good power cord and footers makes a nice improvement risk free

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Ended up buying the LHY Lumin PSU Kit with LPS50VA over the SBooster. I have a feeling the transformer and the tech in the LHY is better, but the biggest negative of the SBooster was that it has its connection point coming out of the front. That would look so incredibly messy.

Regardless, I should receive this kit sometime this week and hopefully have it installed within the next two weeks. In general I've heard nothing but good things about replacing the switch mode power supply with a toroidal LPS.

No doubt it may be a sound upgrade but it does void your warranty.  If audiotroy is still a Lumin dealer he said what he is supposed to say per Lumin.


I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts once you’ve made this change. Not sure how long you’ve had your U2 Mini but hopefully you’re familiar enough with the sound quality to know how much of an improvement is made with this upgrade.

I’m not an electrical engineer but my understanding is that the inherent noise in these devices is of very high frequency and that filtering is a very common solution. I’d be interested to know if the difference in power supplies will be audible or not.

If you don’t mind what Dac are you running your streamer through and are you using digital out (coax or AES) or USB? I have recently purchased a U2 Mini- should arrive this week. I bought this more or less as an experiment piece to determine if I’ll be interested in pursuing network streaming or if I just keep things as they are.