LHY Lumin PSU Kit with LPS50VA OR SBooster LPS: Wanting to attach one or the other to my Lumin U2 mini. 

Which would you choose and why? 


Sorry Designsfx & fernandlambert it took me so long to actually install this thing... life happened.


Result on my system (mid-highend -- see above description) was outstanding! The soundstage is deeper, (obviously so) and wider, there is much more separation of the instruments, and the whole presentation is quieter than before. Well worth the upgrade of my Lumin U2 Mini.

However here are some alterations for the install as opposed to what Alvin shows you on Youtube:

1. Don’t clip the one red wire from the switch to the plug: take a soldering gun and apply some heat and then slip it off. (easy-peasy)

2. Buy 6 3mm nuts and washers so that you may place the screws back in the chassis so that there are no dust holes

3. Since the screws are now in their proper holes again, get something to mount the internal board about 6mm off the bottom of the case to clear the screws.


I also use a Netgear switch on my LHY LPS50VA.

A week later I am still pulling my head up / opening my eyes because I hear sounds more prominently than before (or didn’t hear before). I think I am in the upper percentage of people who hear such a difference... but I am not so surprised what this LPS Mod has accomplished over its switching power supply.

Also wish to say that this is much better decision than the sbooster because by default all the wires are at the back and not looking so sbooster fugly. (much less their is some L/C filter circuitry in this Mod which I believe is not in the sbooster)

This has been one of my best mods to a piece of equipment to date. (35+ years).

Even thought you can specify what DC voltage you want when ordering, there is trim pot inside that you can set to any voltage you want between 5Vdc and 24Vdc.

50W DC Regulated Power Supply

I've purchased several. Never a problem. But then, I have the capability to test, modify and repair if necessary.