Lifetime Roon is a go - alternative to Roon Nucleus

So signed up for life with Roon, for richer or much poorer.

how do I build a Roon nucleus without buying the Roon nucleus, which seems overpriced?
So I can buy a nucleus + ssd from Roon all put together for about 1800, vs 400 for nuc plus another 100 for both ssd and ram as prescribed by Roon.

that is a huge mark up , what am I missing.
That's what I wondered when I went this route. I spent a bit more getting a better CPU. If you're comfortable assembling, plugging in a M.2 drive and memory and installing the OS it's easy. 
You are missing a pretty and fanless case.  Some people are averse enough to DIY to pay the freight.  Others think they will get better sound.  Don't go overboard on the size of your M.2 drive thinking that you can store music there.  You cannot.

It is nice to see that you are starting to think for yourself...

Look at Intel, Asus and others for a basic NUC style box...  Most major computer manufactures make these NUC style PC system...  It is pretty easy to compare the features and price/performance...  CPU, Memory, Disk and/or SSD and I/O via Ethernet, USB, power supplies and fanless cases verses the Roon Nucleus...
missing a fan less case? What does this mean?

the nuc linked on amazon from roon is fanless? This nuc is noisefree?