LINCOLN WALSH OHM "A" circa 1972

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Stefan Wesolowski. I live in FT Worth, TX USA, my mobile 703 499 6236. I have an original working MINT pair of Lincoln Walsh OHM "A" speakers.

I know of only 5 other persons on this planet that have a working pair. I would like more info regarding the OHM A's.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Hi Stefan,
I would be happy to help you with your A's or any other true walsh style speaker.

I own HHR Exotic Speakers and we build highly advanced versions of the true Walsh style speakers based on the F and A. Our product line is called the TLS-1, 2, 4 and 5.

The Walsh style driver and speaker are the only speakers we build. I have been working on these since the early 70's, and knew Marty Gerstien when he opened OA.

We also re-manufacture the old A and F and bring them up to date as TLS products. Please check us out at or email me directly at Actually it is best to call.

There is nothing like the true Walsh speaker. The current models from OA are hybrid systems utilizing some of the Walsh principals by forcing a dynamic driver to act as a Walsh radiator and then finishing off with a dome tweeter on top.

They are quite good, but nothing like the single piece Walsh cone concept.

BTW, I have two pair of A's. While our TLS series looks very much like the originals, they are light years beyond them in performance.

You can see our virtual system and some of our products here on A-gon under virtual systems, ever evolving, page 2, "My Walsh Dream".

Kind rgeards,
Dale Harder
HHR Exotic Speakers

Your best bet is to contact John Strohbeen at and speak to him personally. I'm sure he can provide a wealth of information and insights better than anyone else. Call him at 800-783-1553. Also, check out their website. He's running special sales on various models right now. You might find something you might want to add to your system