Linda Ronstadt can't sing anymore.

Do not know if everyone has seen or heard this, but Linda Ronstadt has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and can't sing anymore.

If one can say that a particular artist/group got them into high-end audio, she would be mine.

Definitely in my top 5 of favorite female vocalists.

Very sad indeed...
Sorry to hear. When she was good, she was very good, one of my favorites. Powerful voice and ability to convey emotion and subtleties to boot.
Yeah, I caught that blip on the web a few days ago. I thought she was one of the most talented vocalist of her generation.

One serious cutie-pie too. Did you ever see her album cover pic wearing roller skating shorty shorts. My wife took the album away for a week.

I wish LR all the best.
She is one of my favorites too. Well, nothing lasts forever. We are all heading to the same direction sooner or later.
Yes, it's a shame. I just picked up a couple of her vinyl albums in good shape from a local thrift shop a couple of weeks ago.

At least she can still listen to music and enjoy it. I wish her the best.
Saw this and listened to her Nelson Riddle trilogy straight through--phenomenal power and control. For album covers I like the shot on Hasten Down the Wind. If you are ever in GTT Audio (Long Valley NJ) check out Bill's photograph of Linda in the first demo room you hit as you enter--really knocks you out, what a doll.