Linda Ronstadt/Nelson Riddle

Just picked up a 3 record box set of Linda Ronstadt singing old standards with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra. I think the records may be original Asylum/Electra pressings made in the early/mid 80s.

Folks, Linda Ronstadt and Nelson Riddle were very special artists. I suggest that if you can source these classics on vinyl or CD that you treat yourself to real music.

@Oregonpapa ... I think the Linda/Nelson experience is being helped along by my ARC Ref 150 SE amp which just came back from the factory. Out if the box, it's very magical.
I saw her at Radio City Music Hall in NYC with Nelson Riddle conducting. Great show with one embarrassing gaffe. In the middle of one tune, Linda went silent: she forgot the lyrics. Riddle gently saved her by playing some holding chords that segued smoothly into the next song.
Bifwynne ...

I'm thrilled that you are enjoying your SE upgrade. Its a real transformation for sure. I have a little over 300 hours on my REF SE now. So, with that said, I have another album recommendation for you guys.

My friend Robert came over last night and he brought with him a very rare Margaret Whiting album. One cut on the album was "I Love You Porgy." About half way through the cut, I commented that as good as Whiting was, this song could only be sung correctly with the proper emotional impact by a Black female singer. Listen carefully to the lyrics and you'll understand why.

So, I got out my rare original mono version of Nina Simone singing the same song. This album has been buried in my collection and hasn't been played since I had the ARC SP-14 and Classic 60 in the system. So, there's been a ton of improvements to the system since then.

Robert and I just sat there awestruck. What a GREAT album this is ... and the sound is amazing. It puts Nina Simone right there in the room. This is the kind of mono record that has you saying ... "who needs stereo?" My suggestion is ... RUN to Ebay to find this album. Only consider the mono version though.The stereo version sucks and so does the CD. This is what you're looking for:

This one is a reissue. If it were me, I'd try to find a mint original. Here's an original for sale on Ebay:
Thanks Oregonpapa. Right now ... I'm in the mood for smoooooth and that means it's Linda/Nelson time. I'm spinning Lush Life. Wow!!!

Not sure I mentioned this, but I picked up an original Asylum 3 record box set. Really well mastered and pressed.