Line doubler and HDTV

I am about to receive a relatively old HDTV, a Sampo 34whd5.
This is a 36" tube that supports all of the modes, 720p etc,
but it does not have a built-in line doubler and is VERY
slow to switch between inputs.

I was thinking about this a bit and it seems to me that the
best place to have a line doubler would be to build it into
the receiver or preamp, and then I would only have to use
one component input on the TV for the DVD, satellite, HDTV
tuner & HDTV dish, etc.

Is this a common feature yet? I tried to do some searches
but couldn't find any receivers that seemed to handle this.

I have the exact same unit and I love it. I'm currently using a Quadscan Elite HD (output 720p)to handle all my line doubling and progressive scanning. It is actually a 34" flat widescreen HDTV (best toshiba true flat picture tube not released in the US). It's a little pinnicky to set up but once you get it calibrated and set up properly you'll be amazed. I'll take this TV over a Sony Wega XBR800 anyday.
Cool, thanks for the reply.

How do you handle various inputs? Can you give a few
details on your other equipment? Is the Quadscan the last
piece of equipment in the chain, or do you have a receiver
(or equivalent) to switch between inputs?

In my case, I have Tivo and satellite which are S-video, and
I expect to end up with a hi def satellite, a tuner, and my
PC for component inputs. I expect that Santa might bring
one of those new hi definition Tivos at the end of the year

How well does the Quadscan handle 4x3 s-video or composite
video? Does it put the grey bars on the side for you?
Also, would the Sampo do a better job of handling 1080i
input, or do you have the Quadscan handle it? Can you
allow the Quadscan to allow certain interlaced modes to
pass through to the TV?

Thanks again,
Hi Mark, I routed all my inputs thru the Quadscan and handle all the switching from there. I have a VCR, Cable TV and two DVD's connected to it but not a Sattelite dish (1080i), although I think it would be good to connect the 1080i direct to the Sampo's progressive component inputs. Remember the quadscan will connect to the HD-15 of the Sampo which also accepts progressive input.

You can set the quadscan to output 1080i, 480p or 720p, I am using 720p myself as I like it better than 1080i.
Email me and I'll try to answer your other questions.

Say your HDTV set or tuner has line doubling and the other tricks. You use good old TiVo to record off standard cable). When you play back a TiVo recording through a set with line doubling and pixel doubling and whatever else, do you get the enhanced picture or basic TiVo output?