Line magnetic 508 with Tekton Double Impacts. Match Up

I   Ordered a Line Magnetic 508 and have been thinking hard  about getting the Devore 096s but have been hearing a lot of talk about the DI  they cost a quarter of the Devore speakers.I have seen one post saying they are a good match.I was wondering if anyone else has had the opportunity to listen to the match.I wish I could hear the DI in person.I am sorry if this has been covered before.

My 508 is driving my Acoustic Zen Crescendos beautifully and all of my tubes are upgraded; Psvane 805, Tungsol 6SU7, 5-6 pairs of vintage 6SN7s, Princess Mesh Plates 300B and Synergistic Research Black fuse which fantastic by it self...

Hello Guys,
Has anyone tried the LM-508 with a SS preamp?

If so, wich SS preamp? did it make a noticeable difference or not? 

Thank you!!
@plga I use Allnic L3000 Mk2 with my LM 508. I know that doesn't answer your question as it's an all tube pre. However, Allnic is very neutral and balanced. It takes the LM to a new height (albeit transparency is reduced) allowing all the SET magic to shine and adds weights/authority/fullness to the bass.

I think if you are looking for a SS pre, make sure it's utterly transparent and neutral such that it doesn't mask the SET beauty of LM 508.
Thank you radiohead99!!

Right now Im thinking more about getting a nice tube preamp under the 2K budget. 

What would say that a nice valve preamp could add to the LM508? I mean in terms of dinamics, sounstage, bass, fullness, etc.

Any other opinions? I think I read Walter Salas has some nice valve preamps. I hope he can add something to the thread.