Line Magnetic quality

Here we go again…



I have had my eyes on Line Magnetic Audio for some time, but a friend of mine says that I should stay away from hi-fi and hi-end made in china because they have bad luck when it comes to quality and that they sound bad.

I tell him that I have heard otherwise and that people really like the sound of the LM amplifiers.

So Line Magnetic owners, what do you say? Is he right or is he wrong?


By the way; has anyone been listening to LM34AI?

I have line magnetic 300b set mono blocks and a matching line magnetic pre from their old classic line, as my second system. It’s a Western Electric replica system with a very unusual layout (compared to modern valve systems), but it’s beautiful sounding gear that has given me a lot of pleasure over the last 4 years. It looks lovely too, not just my opinion, my wife has matched some furniture to it, who could ask for more.

I had a transformer problem on the pre in the first year I had it, but it has played flawlessly since the transformer was replaced. I bought from a reputable dealer and the repairs were all done under warranty.

I would say the stock tubes were pretty ordinary as with a lot of new gear I’ve seen. They were quickly replaced, both the amps and pre are capable of much more than the stock tubes would suggest. They are a tube rollers dream.
Speaking of great Chinese gear, I've tried heaps of valves in my Line Magnetics, JJ's, EMs, Shuguangs, Tung-sols, Sovteks, JAN, Mullard, SED's, Golden Lion. Some I hated, some I liked a lot. But the ones that I've been most impressed by for both sound and reliability are Psvanes.They are fabulous tubes, and have replaced most of the tubes in my two systems. I've bought around 30 over the last four years including 300B, 6SN7, 310A, 12AX7, 12AT7. Not a single dud, every tube has been perfect. And they have really transformed my LM gear.The top end valves are pretty pricey, but they have several ranges at different price points and their more basic versions are still really good.
I have owned the 211ia and currently own the 518ia.  Superb amplifiers.  Give Charlie at Stereo Haven a call.....he will fix u up.
My first serious amp is LM 508ia. Been enjoying since last week on my pair of 10+ year old Paradigm Studio 40v3 pair of speakers. I got a demo version from a dealer and it sounds good to me. It is heavy and seems very well built it does perform better than my Marantz SR7005. Does put out a lot of heat just like any other class A amp I guess.

You should consider your speakers, how far you sit from them, how loud you like to listen to etc before going the tube way. But you may already know that.