Linear Power supply for a Weiss dac 204?

Looking for a power supply for a Weiss dac 204. I was looking at he Plixir or Teddy Pardo. which do guys think in this price range? Is it worth it too? Seems like everything I read is positive when adding a LPS.


A LPS is a huge step-up from the standard issue supplied cheap POS build wall-wart PS, and a significant step-up to an upgraded external switch model PS.

By adding  an external quality build LPS to yiur gear , including inter alia to your dac, AND your network switch; is a big step-up in audio performance.

BUT ,,,.don’t ignore an upgrade to your CAT7 Ethernet cables to quality build ones if you want to maximize the full audio performance quotient .

there are many options to check out .

Here’s two that worked for me .




You know they make a matching LPS.  I have no idea if it is in the same price range as the ones you mention but it is quite good.  

@verdantaudio I know they make one, but it is over $2k & I was pushing it just ordering the Weiss dac. That's why I was trying to stay around the $500 price point. Thanks

@akg_ca  Thanks, I'm in the USA. The Mcru ones are in the UK and I don't even know which one to choose.