Linear Power supply for a Weiss dac 204?

Looking for a power supply for a Weiss dac 204. I was looking at he Plixir or Teddy Pardo. which do guys think in this price range? Is it worth it too? Seems like everything I read is positive when adding a LPS.


@jerrybj The Teddy Pardo miniteddy seems to look like a decent one for the money. The matching Weiss LPS they make is $2500, which is a little ridiculous.

I purchased a Keces P3 and it makes a nice improvement on the 205 in my system.  It is a dual output LPS and I use the other output on my NUC running Roon ROCK and that difference was maybe more noticeable to me than the change with the DAC.

Finally got the Weiss dac 204 for my accuphase E5000 and it sounds awesome. Now just waiting on the Modwright LPS, should be here in a couple of weeks.

I have had TeddyPardo, Hdplex, Uptone JS2 and a bunch of no-name aliexpress linear power supplies, for use on my streamers and network gear. The best of them all was the Farad Super 3. Its only 559 euro, so would be price appropriate and a good match for something like the Weiss DAC 204.

But all these are USD RRP under 1k. I do wonder how good those high end LPS can get... its just another hifi rabbit hole I am avoiding going down.