Linear Power Supply?

Can someone tell me exactly what an LPS supposedly does to improve the operation of a turntable motor? Does it run more precisely at a given speed? Does it vibrate less? I have a SOTA Eclipse motor with Condor and Roadrunner. SOTA is coming out with an LPS option which they say is better than the SMPS wall wart, but I want to know exactly how it’s better. If less noise in my system is the benefit, then I believe I already have that addressed because I plug it into my PS Audio P20 power regenerator.



The only experience I have on this is with a Rega and a SBooster LPS. One thing I noticed is when you unplug the wall wart the platter stops spinning. I would think with fluctuations in power the speed could change or alter. I don’t know if you would hear the difference on all systems. 
that being said when you use the SBooster LPS the power is constant because of the power and caps. The green power light stays on for about 30 seconds. The reason why that is important is because it means you have constant power even if the power from the wall gets glitchy. Like a 30 second power buffer. That means you have the same speed all the time. 
I don’t know what the cost of this LPS you are considering. You have to ask yourself could that money be better spent somewhere else like on a cart or phono stage. If you are good on all the rest of the fronts then try the LPS. I hope this helped. 


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The LPS perhaps keeps the platter spinning a bit longer because its capacitors hold charge for several seconds after unplugging the unit. Until the DC voltage falls below a certain threshold, the platter will keep spinning. No magic.

Linear Tube Audio sells a separate LPS for around $600 to replace wall warts in electronics so I bought one for my turntable. I think it improved the sound a lot but not entirely sure as these things go…but I like the tweak and it makes me feel good.