Linlai E 6sn7 tubes

I just placed an order for a pair of these for my Aric Audio Motherlode II.  I’ve been chatting with a fellow that runs the E 6sn7 in his Don Sachs pre. He loves them, He says they make his NOS tubes sound thin and lifeless.  
    It will be a couple weeks until I receive them,and I was curious if anyone out in Agon land has tried these,and what are your impressions?   
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The following ia an Extract from Linlai UK Web Pages.

I have a suspicion there is an arrangement in place that gives the distribution Partners a reassurance that there Sales opportunities will not be threatened by a undercut when contacting the Factory Direct.

Maybe Linlai does Screen for a select tube to be sold with a Global Logo.

A cost for the service to Screen, addition of a Global Logo and risks of return are calculated as added costs, that are then passed on to the Buyer. Hence, producing a increased value for the tube, that is a protection toward impacting on sales Partners businesses.

Has GF, been more astute in their screening and selecting of tubes ? Surpassing the Global Standard, to receive the status of being awarded to the Top of the Range Tube extraction. 

How does the GF Top Range compare in price to Linlai Global. 

From my evaluation of the previous posts from seasoned 6SN7 users, it does seem most likely,  if a tube is received functioning correctly, the method used to source and purchase is not such a concern, any method chosen will give access to a tube that will make a very good impression.   

About [LINLAI™ Global] – The official LINLAI™ EXPORT website:

[LINLAI™ Global] is the OFFICIAL overseas arm of LINLAI™ Tube Factory – i.e ‘International Sales & Marketing Division of LINLAI™ Tubes’.

LINLAI™ tube sales to ALL regions outside of ‘mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao’, are directly processed through [LINLAI™ Global].


All LINLAI™ tubes screened, offered and sold through our International Sales & Marketing Division bear the exclusive export logo of [LINLAI™ Global] as shown below.

Such an exclusive use of a unique logo differentiates [Linlai™ Global] tubes from the those sold within the Greater China market (including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao), and they come with quality and service standards matching up to our western peers.



The Uniqueness of [LINLAI™ Global] Tubes:

Tubes bearing [LINLAI™ Global] logo are engineered, produced and carefully screened to exclusively meet western music listeners’ preference:

1) Aim to high degree of faithful reproduction of western music instruments, such as piano, acoustic and electric guitar, acoustic and electric bass / double bass, kick drums etc, which are common in western recordings but not as common in Asian music;

2) Create live-like sound image width and depth, and offer realistic balance across high, mid and bass frequencies, without exaggerating the ultra high frequencies (much of Asian music does focus more ultra high’s and Asian audiophiles are accustomed to such a type of sound).

LINLAI™ Tubes sold to vendors in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau are tuned, produced and screened to meet Asian audiophile’s listening habits and preferences. They bear a different domestic logo – which is written in Chinese language. Such tubes will NOT have warranty from [Linlai™ Global] to buyers from outside of above-mentioned Asian regions.

Linlai™ Factory recommends all overseas buyers to purchase with factory authorized vendors for your region, in order to validate your purchase warranty and avoid unnecessary financial losses.


@ram18, it depends on the lighting. Under direct lighting the coating on the bottom appears dark, but move it away from the light source and it becomes reflective.  I believe this is normal.