Linlai KT88 experience?

I am looking to buy a backup pair of KT88's for a power amp and was wondering if any of you have feedback or experience with the newer KT88's from Linlai?  I like their E-6SN7 in my pre amp and am curious about the power tubes.





I now have about 50+ hours on the Linlai KT88-D.  They are stable, no issues, and the sound is stunning.  Again, these are drivers in the 300b amps running about 15 watts, and not used as output tubes.  That said, they appear very well made and I would expect them to be quite good as output tubes in an amp.  My 2 cents... good luck to all.

I’m not surprised on how the Linlai tubes are as good as they are. I’m running the Global E in your personal pre-amp you sold me & like them as much as all my NOS JANs in my stash. I’m curious on how they would stack up against the K&R kt88 that’s in my PrimaLuna HP?


I ordered a quad (top 10%) of the "Global" labeled KT88-D from Grant Fidelity - eagerly awaiting arrival. Alas, "express shipping" is S-L-O-W....

That said, GF would not reply to my question of differences between the tubes labeled "Global" vs the plain brown printed labels.

Don, do you have any insight into the differences (if any) of the 2 types of labeling by Linlai factory?


Jim Ricketts/tmhaudio


@tmhaudio Sorry, but I will not wade into the Linlai global vs ones you can buy elsewhere.  Everyone has an opinion and I have mine........