Linlai KT88 experience?

I am looking to buy a backup pair of KT88's for a power amp and was wondering if any of you have feedback or experience with the newer KT88's from Linlai?  I like their E-6SN7 in my pre amp and am curious about the power tubes.





@tmhaudio Sorry, but I will not wade into the Linlai global vs ones you can buy elsewhere.  Everyone has an opinion and I have mine........

The Linlai WE 300b exact western electric copy is in my amps.  We used them at the Pacific Audio Fest.  They are wonderful and I stopped looking at 300b options when I got them.  There may be better 300b tubes out there, but I really don't need to find one and I get them for about $750 a quad.  I don't desire to spend $1500 per pair for 300b tubes.  I have had 4 quads of the Linlai WE300b now with no issues whatsoever.   The Gold Lion reissue was a nice tube, but in my amps to my ear the WE300b is much better.  To each their own though.  Both the Gold Lion and the WE300b are very much better than any of the $500 per quad 300b tubes I have heard.  The Linlai egg shaped ones are actually quite good, but no match for the WE300b.  Again, my 2 cents.  Everyone has their taste.