Linn Akurate Exakt DSM Digital out for phono stage?

This one is a bit unusual.  It's an ongoing issue I've hesitated to mention here thinking that was unlikely anyone would have run into this issue but here goes... I'm a longtime Linn guy.  I've been running the Akurate Exakt DSM into a Linn Exaktbox (which is what this DSM is intended for).  It has no on-board DAC - just the Exakt outputs and digital outputs.  All was great when running all-Linn Exakt.  Recently however, I came into a pair of Meridian DSP5200 Special Edition speakers.  They're digital active speakers meaning that (like Linn), they're meant to operate with other Meridian gear.  The speakers only have digital inputs so I've run the Linn Exakt DSM into the Meridian speakers via the coax digital input.  It works beautifully, sounds great and works as it should except on a few tracks that had a certain sampling frenquency that the Meridians wouldn't play back (176/24).  I can live with that.  My BIG snag is that the Linn Exakt DSM has a great phono stage for moving coil.  I'm running an LP12 with a Linn Troika (MC) cartridge.  It sounded great with the Linn Exakt speakers but with the Meridians, I get no output.  I'd be grateful for any thoughts on this.  I do have a Meridian 218 Zone Controller.  It's actually a great little streamer/source.  I haven't put it in with the Meridian speakers simply because I think the Linn streamer is excellent but mainly because I haven't give up hope for a solution on my unusual phono dilemma.  HELP!


I have two seperate Linn Akurate systems. But I can’t answer your question. 

Two suggestions:

1) Definitive Audio in Seattle is a major Linn dealer with several Linn experts on staff.


2) The best forum for Linn knowledge is in the UK. There are several different sections to this Linn “Club” over there. This is just one of them. Some very experienced guys over there who have a lot of experience with Linn and other high end kit.