Linn Arkiv or Lyra Helikon?

I want to upgrade my cartridge. I have a Linn LP12/Lingo/Ekos with a Benz Micro Glider. Common wisdom would suggest that the LP12/Arkiv combo would be ideal, but the Lyra Helikon has gotten so much good press that I have to wonder.

My other components are: Plinius SA102 amp, Plinius M16 Pre, Linn Linto phono stage and Verity Parsifal Encore speakers. The system sounds wonderful, but I am a bit concerned that it is almost a bit too lush.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
The Arkiv and Linto are a match that will be very hard to beat. Another phono stage will likely be better with the Lyra. IMHO, cartridges and phono stages are the most difficult decisions facing a vinyl lover. Please post your results when your decision is made. Good luck.
Unless you have any particular reason NOT to choose the Arkiv, I would stick with the Linn setup. The mechanics of the LP12/Ekos/Archive are also optimized (can't comment on the Lyra, but optimizing interfaces goes beyond just the arm mass/catridge compliance). I find the Arkiv tracks poorly (Dave Grusin's "eye of the sparrow", to name but one). This bothers me a whole lot but it doesn't appear to bother most people. This is why I stuck with my (Linn) re-tipped Asaka. Never heard any tracking problems with the Asaka, Karma, Troika (Supex) cartridges.
Your phono stage may tip the scales toward the Arkiv but consider a Benz Ruby. I had a full blown Linn like yours and went to the Ruby from an Arkiv. The Ruby is just a touch warmer and tracks the pants off the Arkiv. They are both fine choices but the Ruby has one other advantage. It can be retipped for $500 if I'm not mistaken. The Arkiv is considerably more.

If your system is on the warm side now that is an issue. How much is the retip for the Lyra? If your like your Glider I suspect you'll love the Ruby. It does very well in the EKOS.
And the winner is...
I got the Linn Arkiv B. Thanks for the input. It's really difficult to audition cartridges and one has to rely on others who know.

The Arkiv sounds wonderful even before it is broken in. Most notably is the amazing imaging and sound stage. Detail blows away the Glider. And, important to me, the Arkiv sounds quite a bit less lush than the glider. That's good, since I was originally concerned about my system already sounding a bit lush.

I'm sure I would have also been happy with the Lyra Helikon. I think the decision was made when my local Linn dealer was willing to sell the new in box Arkiv B for $1700 including installation and turntable tuneup.

BTW, I am not at all getting down on Benz Micro. The Glider is a great cartridge for the money, but it isn't an Arkiv! As to the Ruby, I hear it sounds wonderful, but the lushness factor made me shy away. I'm sure the Ruby sounds terrific in many other systems. Thanks to Egrady for that advice. I am a happy camper.

Oh well, I guess I have to go break in that Arkiv...