linn basik tonearm setup?

finally took the plunge into vinyl, so my starter kit is on the way:
AR ES-1, Linn Basik LV X, cartridge is Linn K9.
Need setup info in case table is not setup properly!
Also looking for phono suggestions, preferably used from the 'gon. Considering monolithic PS-1 w/mating psu, because
of all te loading options wich would allow me to play with
cartridges in the future. System is Simaudio I5, Rega Jupiter2000 w/Zu Cable Warmouth IC, Joseph Audio RM7 sig w/Zu Cable Julian bi-wire. I listen to almost everything except new age & rap!
any opinions on the cartridge setup tool from ?
Jiamb. I believe your set-up should be fine with the Baerwald Null Geometry of the Turntable Basics Protractor. There's quite a bit written here as to tips about using it, and enhancing its accuracy. I have it, and use it, and many others here do as well. Unbeatable for the money spent.

Archive searches in this forum will help you, and every vinylphile should have in his/her arsenal a good protractor, a good Stylus Force Gauge, which I would say the minimum would be the Shure SG-2.

A good test record is always a nice thing to have, from simple tests-checks of phase, correct channel ID, tracking, etc.

Read, read read I say, the more you know, the better one understands the physics of analog playback. And this is the group to find this info in. You're definitely in the right place! Mark
thanks Markd51...for the stlus force gauge I thought of using a pocket digital scale-ProScale CC-120.
you can view here:
This should work, right?
also found a downloadble protractor from vinylengine.
not sure how to use this..