linn classik or arcam solo to go with maggies

thinking of getting rid of seperates and buying the solo or classik. I would keep my magnepan mg12's because I still love these speakers after five years of total enjoyment but i do not know if either of these all in one units would have enough power for the speakers.

I am contemplating this because I need to put audio and video together and I think adding two more pieces of equipment into a small space (16 x 15) would be way too much for the room.

neither will cut it

i have the classik and i've owned maggies and i auditioned the solo

you'll need more power


I agree, you will need more power for Maggies than either of these can provide.
The Classik has "line out" so you can use it as a tuner/CD/preamp (bypassing the internal amp)and carry the signal into your existing amp. Then you'll have the power you need, as well as the convenience & sound of the classik. BTW, the tuner in the Classik is surprisingly good.