Linn Classik ? Sound good?

Wanting to replace my new nad separates (already!) I like the look of the linn classik.. Being a self contained unit, my hope is that it will deny me the temptation to upgrade again and again, because the amp, Cd, and tuner are as one.. all i have to wory about are the speakers..

but at $2000 or there abouts is it a good sound for this kind of money? I can't decide whether for this princly sum it's a bargain because you get 3 units built in.. (each discounted i suppose) or whether its a glorified alarm clock.. only expensive because it has 3 units built in for your convenience!

They say it has 'true separates performance' but - what is a 'separate'? a couple of $200 denon separates? or a couple of $900 roksan separates? :-S

Anyone have one? Can enlighten me?
I've owned two Classiks with and without the tuner. I was happy with each. Speaker matching is more critical with these units than most other equipment. I found Silverline SR12's worked very well, while for my ears B&W DM302's or Sonus Faber Concerto's or Signums weren't such a good fit. This is far from a high-current amp. It's a complicated remote control, but high-function.

I used one as a bedroom system, and the other for a year's assignment away from home, both installations argued for the smallest footprint. As a main system, I agree with the other posters comments.
Wow, thanks for the comments, very useful, thanks! I do want a bit of grunt in my set-up so maybe i should look at staying with the separates.. The creek a50i and musical fidelity x-80 both seem pretty sweet.. and both provide a high current i understand, even though rated at 50 and 40w respectively.
Keep in mind that the Classik has Pre-Out. At any point you can bypass the Classik amp (while still using the preamp, remote, tuner & CD) by connecting an outboard amplifier for more "grunt"/cleaner power.

Planning ahead then, that outboard amplifier could always be the 'heartbeat' of a second separate system in the future. You also would have the Classik as a self-contained bedroom system. This seems like a fail-safe way to go, as long as you buy the Classik used.