Linn dealer recommendation for Los Angeles?

I'm starting to pay attention to my poor, neglected system after too many years of ignoring it, and one of the things I want to do is replace the K-18 on my LP12/Ittok, plus have the table checked out overall.

Can anyone recommend a Linn dealer in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area that is actually well-qualified to do this work (i.e., at least has a 'table jig) and more down the line? Better yet, a specific person at a specific dealer? Of course I checked's local dealer listings, but the closest one turned out to be a furniture dealer that occasionally stocks Classics to help sell their pricey living room sets...not exactly the kind of place I want installing a new Adikt, etc. Rather than just go from dealer to dealer blindly, I thought I try this informed bunch.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
A little bit further than Santa Monica, but Gene Rubin in Thousand Oaks probably set up more LP12s in his time than all the rest of the LA dealers combined! Gene is no longer a Linn dealer, but he should be able to tune it up and make it sing!

Take it to Brooks Berdan in Monrovia. He sets up Linns all the time. You won't be disappointed. 110 West Olive.