Linn Ekos for non-Linn Turntable?

I have an LP12 with Ekos arm which I have been thinking about replacing. As I already have the Ekos, I'm wondering whether it is worth keeping the arm and using it on something like a Raven One or Nottingham Dais.

A new arm such as a Triplanar, Phantom, Schroeder etc would cost two or three times what I would get for selling the Ekos, but would they be two or three times better? How good is the Ekos on a non-Linn turntable? Or should I just sell the lot and start again with a new arm and turntable?
Many people talk about Linn synergy when their components are used together. However, Ivor Tiefenbrun himself has said on the Linn forums that Linn components are not made with the idea that they will only be used with other Linn gear. They are made to work well with other brands as well. The Ekos is a good arm and there is no reason why it wouldn't work well with another table. You just have to make sure that the hole in the armboard on the other table is drilled in the right location to fit the Ekos. This applies to any arm.
Keep the LP 12 or sell me the arm for 250.00 I'll gladly put it on my LP12. Stop trying to hear things that are not there, or you may get your wish. You have a great setup already. I only have a Basik Arm w/ a Linn K18 II cart and love the sound. Linn Kudos Tuner, Mimik II CD player, hooked to a Cary V12R tube amp and Cary SLP98P preamp. I got a Mint LP tractor last month and they work very well. It did make a big difference in sound. Maybe you should try one first. they are turntable AND tonearm specific, but since all Linn tonearms (to date) are the same effective length, you can upgrade and use the same tractor. I think you have something good already. Good luck!