Linn Gear with Dali Speakers????

Ive become quite interested in Dali speakers, specifically the Euphonia MS4s. DIfficult to arrange a demo, thus the question. My system is currently an all Linn system, with Klimax Kontrol Pre, Klimax Chakra Twin power amp, max'd LP12, speakers are akurate 212 stand mounted, 221 bass reinforcement speaker. my goal, if possible, is to maintain what i have regarding musicality, and improve upon the lower end, bass slam, air movement, etc. The Dali's look beautiful...much more attractive than Linn speakers, and I do enjoy a nice looking product as well as a great performing product. So, anyone with any experience specifically in my situatiion, or even remotely close to it would be appreciated...thanks everyone. Lastly, these seem to be selling at a very good price second that cause for concern?
Thx for the info. And yes, i began with 3 lk100s activ kabers, kairn, karik/numerik....all bought here!! then onto c6100 amp, unidisc SC and 212s (bought new), and the klimax gear i bought online second hand as well...picked up my chakra twin for a crazy both klimax pieces for about 2/3 price of just the preamp. The klimax kontrol is just crazy good! In your current setup id say the Kairn is the weak link..if you went to a kontrol you wouldnt believe your ears

Let us know what you decide and how it works out. I was considering the Dali Euphonia line but there weren't any near by to listen to and then I stumbled on to the VA Mahlers and loved them. Also, thanks for the insight about the Klimax Control. Have you ever compared it to the Exotic or Accurate preamps by Linn? The cost of the Klimax is still a bit daunting to me. Cheers.
i have no experience with exotic or accurate, although im told accurate pre is far better. but i picked up my klimax kontrol second hand from a fellow agon member for its now 12k i think...way outta my range. I have been in contact with a dealer that has a set of MS4s and can arrange a demo for me allowing me to bring my pre and power amp to his facility to try to keep things as close as possible to my setup. Ill report my findings
""arrange a demo for me allowing me to bring my pre and power amp to his facility to try to keep things as close as possible to my setup""

This is the best thing you can do Jaf2290!!!!