Linn Klimax Kontrol and Chakra 500 Twin, how good?

I am looking into buying a used set of Linn Klimax Kontrol and Chakra 500 Twin, I am fasinated by Linn's slim profile, sleek looks, design technolodgy; I have read several good reviews, but do not have chance to audition them. My main concern is that if the amp--rated 100W into 8 ohms--has enough power to drive my 86db Dynaudio C1 speakers? I know that the Linn 500 Solo(s) would have sufficient power, but the cost of getting the mono blocks is out of question. I would appreciate any oppinion and suggestion.
Sorry so few takers on this - I'll give a couple of brief thoughts. First of all, the answer is VERY, VERY GOOD. The Klimax Kontrol is without question the most refined and transparent preamp I have ever heard. The Chakra 500 twin is incredibly open and detailed. Taken together, the combination can be unbeatable. But as is always true in audio - unbeatable for some tastes, but not necessarily for all.

Despite the tremendous strengths of the combination (or perhaps in consequence of design choices optimizing for them), some people may find it a little lean. If you are a fan of fat, so-lush-it's-wet sound, this is not your combination. As compared to other solid state options, personally, I think it is immeasurably superior to stuff from Krell, Levinson and the like that I have heard, but that is my taste. You really must hear this stuff yourselves, and hear it with your speakers. You will either fall in love, or walk away respecting what you heard, but deciding it is not quite for you. I think it is exceedingly unlikely you will think an audition has been a waste of time. It is truly outstanding gear and should be heard by anyone with a passion for high-end audio.
I, for one am a recent convert to the Linn camp myself. I was bewitched this past spring. In search of new speakers, I ventured outside of metropolitan Detroit, westward to Ann Arbor where I had not pestered the audio dealers there for almost 20 years since finishing medical school.

I wandered into Overture Audio on South Main Street whereupon I experienced an audio epiphany. I listened to Sonus Faber Cremona speakers with Linn Klimax Kontrol preamp and Klimax Solo monoblocks and a CD 12 frontend. I went back a few weeks later to make sure the experience had staying power. Although, the CD 12 and Solo monoblocks had been replaced by Unidisc 2.1 and Klimax Twin (then), the experience overall of luscious fantastic audio was not diminished by substitution of the lesser powered single chassis amplifier or the non-reference CD front end.

I was bowled over by the sound. I was also very impressed with the stylish low profile of the components producing it. Subsequently, I decided to go for the gusto purchasing new Klimax Kontrol and Solo amps in addition to the Cremona speakers. Subsequently, I've purchased a Linn LP12/Lingo/Linto/Ittok/Akiva and found a previously owned CD12 and now have an amazing sounding system.

I have no regrets. I have not heard much of the other solid state gear in this price range so I cannot offer valid comparisons. I do feel that the generally excellent reviews of the Linn Klimax electronics is commensurate with my personal experience. Well worth consideration.
Incredible fast, detailed and dynamic sound, but on the lean side. Compared to them, Levinson gears are fat, slow and boomy ones. They are like a Nordost cable. I dont know too much the C1, but if it has the 'Dyno' soundprint, you may fall with the Linns on the too much lean side of the neutral. You may like it, but you really should audition it. I, personally, would not choose a Linn to drive a Dynaudio speaker. But they may fit to the sonus faber cremona as they balance the coloration of the cremona.
Thank you guys for your input!

I have no way of doing an audition on the Klimax set, as none of my local Linn dealers carry them. I guess the only way to find out for sure is to buy them.

My current amp is a Gryphon Callisto 2200, according to the description of Linn's sound from your guys, I would expect Linn's sound will be leaner, but hopfully faster and more transparant. The Twin has only about half of the on-paper rated power than the Gryphon, but the Klimax set costs more than double, it will be interesting for me to compare.

I am shopping for a used set of Klimax, so in case it does not work out, I will be able to sell them w/o too much loss. I am also hoping my Wadia 270SE transport and Reimyo DAC would help out a Linn's set in warmth and weight. Again, There is only one way to find out!
The linn power would be sufficient for the C1. I heard it with passx150, and that was fine. Linn is better than the Callisto, i think. It seemed to me to be warm and sluggish. Now you will go to the other side. Lets hope it will work out for you.