Linn LP12 Cirkus baring

Ok I need some guidance. I got a Crikus baring and inner platter but no Sub chassis but I understand it can be fitted in the old sub chassis with the use of spacers. My question is how thick should the spacers be and where to put them? I can’t afford to get a sub chassis at this time. I can not find a definitive answer as to how to do this. I will get a third party sub chassis next year.



Thanks I read that. The thing is I was told by LP12Bits that I would need shims, so there is conflicting info on this. I install it and see what is what.

Hello KOF. I have a new Tiger Paw Akula subchassis with a new Linn armboard on it for sale for very reasonable, if interested.

I've had a "full blown" LP12 project for many years with all the upgrades; machined subchassis, thicker top plate, DC motor, Ekos and Akiva, even a custom wood plinth. We put a new Cirkus on it as well, though my tt expert (started with Linn and Naim in the early 80's) says some prefer the old style. In fact we sold the original bearing for pretty good $ actually. But the overhauled tt does sound fabulous; very high resolution.

I also started with an LP12/Naim system in the mid 80's, so am pretty familiar with it. Thankfully I never let vinyl go, even when it was "dead".. ;)

Sorry, don't know about the shims required to install onto a stock subchassis. Might call an LP12 dealer (Audio Concepts?).


I have a contemporary LP12 with the Karousel Bearing. I would say, if you can get good money for a Cirkus… I would do it. Get a Karousel… it is a significantly better bearing. 

I can say, with the upgrades in the last dozen or so years the Linn LP12 is a really great table. I have upgraded to near Klimax.

new Tiger Paw Akula subchassis with a new Linn armboard on it for sale for very reasonable

How's $250.00?

I too have upgraded to the Carousel bearing and am extremely pleased with it. Much lower noise floor! Give Rick Duplisea @ Audio Alternative a call. He is one of the top LP12 guys in the US. Alternatively, call Peter Swain @ Combiosis in the UK as he is the Linn Corporation's top LP12 dealer/set up guy.


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