Linn LP12 Cirkus baring

Ok I need some guidance. I got a Crikus baring and inner platter but no Sub chassis but I understand it can be fitted in the old sub chassis with the use of spacers. My question is how thick should the spacers be and where to put them? I can’t afford to get a sub chassis at this time. I can not find a definitive answer as to how to do this. I will get a third party sub chassis next year.



I have a contemporary LP12 with the Karousel Bearing. I would say, if you can get good money for a Cirkus… I would do it. Get a Karousel… it is a significantly better bearing. 

I can say, with the upgrades in the last dozen or so years the Linn LP12 is a really great table. I have upgraded to near Klimax.

new Tiger Paw Akula subchassis with a new Linn armboard on it for sale for very reasonable

How's $250.00?

I too have upgraded to the Carousel bearing and am extremely pleased with it. Much lower noise floor! Give Rick Duplisea @ Audio Alternative a call. He is one of the top LP12 guys in the US. Alternatively, call Peter Swain @ Combiosis in the UK as he is the Linn Corporation's top LP12 dealer/set up guy.


Only the Garrard people are funnier than you LP12 guys. I say, let's get in some Fiat 500s and go racing!

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