Linn LP12......That good??

I have an Ariston RD80 (very good) and a Thorens TD 160, also very good.
How good are the Linn Lp12 tt's??
I am always looking for the best most impressive sound.
I will have to sell the Ariston/Thorens if i buy the Linn because i will not need 3 turntables!
The Ariston almost looks like the Linn by the way.
So how great are the Linn's and what is the best combination to buy?
I had a single speed 80s vintage LP12 with a Grace tonearm, Sumiko cartridge, and Mitch Cotter cabling. A decent Linn rig. I went to my Linn guy once for suspension readjustment. Sadly, the table never had the oomph and vaunted sound quality I'd hope it would have based on everything I'd read.  I gave up on vinyl (again) for a time until I bought the VPI Player. The VPI leaves the Linn in the dust on all fronts. I think I, and many others, have fallen for the LP12 hype and then have had the reality crash down on us.  
Audio video nirvana, sorry but your LP12 was anything but a decent "Linn rig". The Grace tonearm was nothing special at all, imo. (Never mind the Cotter cabling, lol)Perhaps it was ok back in the 80's, but even then Linn had the Ittok, which IMO was a far far better arm. Are you sure that you want to lump all LP12's with the " decent Linn rig" that you had back in the 80's!!
A "real Linn" purchased new costs upwards of $10K+. I’ll pass. There is better value to be had for that amount of money than even a new Linn. All I know is that my current analog front end sounds great and does not have the blah sound I suffered with for the seven years I had the LP12. Even after "fixing" it at a Linn dealer it was blah. I’m very happy with my VPI. If I ever have the cash to improve my rig it’ll be a VPI, no doubt.
How much does a "real VPI" cost these days?? Listen to an Akurate level LP12 and up, and then to a VPI that is in the same cost strata...and I think most will come away in the Linn camp.
OTOH, a VPI dealer may not agree, LOL
John Atkinson is still happy with his LP12. But then, he calls an electric bass a "bass guitar" ;-) .