Linn LP12......That good??

I have an Ariston RD80 (very good) and a Thorens TD 160, also very good.
How good are the Linn Lp12 tt's??
I am always looking for the best most impressive sound.
I will have to sell the Ariston/Thorens if i buy the Linn because i will not need 3 turntables!
The Ariston almost looks like the Linn by the way.
So how great are the Linn's and what is the best combination to buy?
John Atkinson is still happy with his LP12. But then, he calls an electric bass a "bass guitar" ;-) .
@bdp24 - but Atkinson may be right about that. Last time I heard James Hunter, that blue-eyed soul devil with the killer band, I was reminded of how good rock and roll sounds with a double bass. Tone, tension, and a less "thudding" sound even when amplified. PITA to haul I guess, like a real B-3 rather than an electronic emulation of one. 
There was a lawyer once in a matter that thought it was pronounced like the fish-
Life can be endlessly amusing if you are willing to take the ride.
"How much does a 'real VPI' cost these days??"

Good question! As much a souped up Linn! The VPI Prime Signature is about $6K; the Avenger Standard is $10K; the bespoke Classic Direct is about $35.

Since getting into this insane hobby in 1975, I had always wanted a Linn Sondek LP12. When I purchased it used, I spent about $800. This included the table, the Cotter cables, and the tonearm. I bought a Sumiko Blackbird, which is no slouch when it comes to cartridges, and a Clearaudio phono preamp. Even with all of that I couldn't get good sound out of it, even after tweaking the suspension, it was still not good. I think the comments made here about the table being quirky are very true.

I knew that my table's Achilles heel was the Grace tonearm. But my financial decision came down to this: should I invest in something brand-new, or should I throw money -- at least $1K or more -- at a 30-some-odd-year old turntable with one speed. I chose the former and bought a VPI player. And, I have to say, out of the box, using their internal phono preamp, it sounded worlds apart from the Linn, better than I expected.

That's my story.
The VPI cost question can be answered at $7k for the HRX listed for sale here on Audiogon. I am not a fan of the arm (own one) but if you are then that is one heck of a rig.

Ok guys, you do realize that any table is only going to be as good as its weakest part....and if that part is the arm, then blaming the table for the weaknesses in the arm, is imho a little crazy!!!
The LP12 is a system, which is what makes it a great deal imo. One can start out at a low level, and as funds allow, improve the table to SOTA. How many other tables can you say that about?
audiovideonirvana, do you think it is ok to decry the LP12 based on your experience with an 80’s model,and even by your admittance, a sub par arm that you were listening to???
compare today a new Klimax level LP12 with a Radikal D against any VPI you care to mention....I know which one I would pick....!
which is why I own the LP12 and not the VPI.