Linn Sondek LP-12 happy/un-happy owners

I am considering the purchase of a new LP-12 and I here from both sides. Some say they are forever out of adjustment and they are a terrible TT. The dealer says that the adjustment problem is true of the old but has been resolved. Some owners say that they wouln't have anyother TT. What is the consenus of the AudioGoners that have owned a LP-12?
In the response to my post, I heard a megabuck system that was so bad, I couldnt stand it. It was comprised of all respected equipment, but the pieces were not compatible. It was truly terrible. The reason I said that, was to reinforce my statement that matching is very very important. Systems have to be matched to get the best combo for your ears. That to me is why it is so difficult to audition and buy analog gear these days. No one ever has a setup similar to the one you have at home (at least my experience). The Linn LP12 is truly a great and musical turntable, one that has, in several forms, given me great pleasure since the mid 80's. While I have owned and sold a multiple mish mosh of high end tables including various Linn configurations, I ALWAYS kept at least 1 Linn LP12. I consider it that good. In the future, I am considering a Basis high end table if I get some bucks, but it will replace the VPI, not the Linn.
Anyways, try to find someone that has a table and use your own ears. The goal is not the table, its to enjoy the music for whatever reason is important to you. Enjoy.
as some say. Kind of like VTA. You can go overboard or you can just enjoy. The charm, look, upgradeability, and THE SOUND make the LP12 unique. I've had mine for a while and consider it the loci of my system.
Hi, You can count me in in as a happy Linn owner. I have an LP12(Anniversary edition) with an Akito arm and Troika cart. Valhalla power supply. As some of the otherposters have pointed out,unless you buy the full out big buck table, you can upgrade the Linn in stages. Right now I doubt if I'd trade it for anything else.
That said all is not perfect with the Linn.The thing is when and if you encounter a problem with the turntable they will fix it and in a relativly timely fashion.
Good quality and service never go out of style.

I would suggest for Thorens TD124MKII or Garrad 301. It is problem free if you can find a good set in 2nd market and it way much more musical. I have compared with 2 LP12 from my friends setup with ittok and various arm but cant beat my TD124MKII with SME3012 and Denon DL103R combi.

Count me as very happy. I have a old LP12/Ittok, upgraded over a valhalla with an Origin Live DC motor. For fun, compared it head to head with Lyra Argo on VPI scout and scout master. LP12 just sounded better. It was undeniable. Everyone in attendance agreed, even the Linn haters.