Liquid Midrange' - strong side of which tube amps?

I wonder if anybody can name tube amps with distinguished 'liquid' midrange. I myself can name just one – Octave Audio V 70 integrated. We listened to Steve Kuhn trio with Joe Lovano recording, and you could feel that absolutely real flow of the sound of piano. How it moves and fills the room in waves. But not all tube amps I listened to, produce this kind of sound. I specifically interested in integrateds. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!
300B = Liquid Midrange
Jadis and VAC are among the best. Search the archives, discussed over & over. Cheers,

Those are nice speakers. Depending on room size and how loud you like to listen, either a VAC 30/30 or 70/70 would be a very good match. It goes without saying that you'll need a preamp and source of equal quality to get the most from the amp and speakers.
Room size is 16x11x9. I use Linn Sondek 12 with Adikt MM cartridge and Oppo 105 CD player. I understand that both mentioned VAC models are not in production anymore. I wonder if I can get the same result from the newer Primaluna Premium HP amp?