Liquid Midrange' - strong side of which tube amps?

I wonder if anybody can name tube amps with distinguished 'liquid' midrange. I myself can name just one – Octave Audio V 70 integrated. We listened to Steve Kuhn trio with Joe Lovano recording, and you could feel that absolutely real flow of the sound of piano. How it moves and fills the room in waves. But not all tube amps I listened to, produce this kind of sound. I specifically interested in integrateds. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!
My problem is never the tube amps but the recording quailty. You can play a chesky recording on a ss amp and it gives better midrange than most others on a great tube set up. just my thoughs. maybe you vinyl guys are on a different level and can resurrect average recordings.
Another vote for VAC - famous for one of the best midranges in audio at any price. The obvious point being made earlier, was that the Manufacturer/Owner of the Company (VAC) goes out of his way to provide exemplary customer service and always has. Using dealers for comparison misses the point. I'm sure they provide excellent service as well. Its not about the dollars, but the position of the person providing the service. I also agree with an earlier poster - to try to imply that anything from Jolida or Primaluna is in the same league as VAC gear is just wrong, IMHO.
Although Prima Luna and Jolida make amazing sounding amps, they are certainly NOT in the same league as VAC as they are much less expensive. They're more in the "These amps sound fabulous for far less money" league.