B&W CM9 










@fastfreight they needed a lot of power to sing so I wanted more of a variety in Amos that’s why I went to Gato.  But the revel are a steal for what they do! 

Some monstrosities with no identification 

Large Advents

Boston Acoustics A400

*** 30+ year break from HiFi ***

Large Advents

KLH Model 5

Harbeth Super HL5Plus XD


Since the early 70’s when I got into the hobby, I have owned the following speakers. I am unsure of some of the model #’s so bear with me. Please keep in mind I worked in an audio store from 1972-1985 and all the speakers up to the Ambient 66 were purchased during that time I also have 2 systems

Bozak B 201

Bozak B 301

Wharfdale bookshelf speaker, 8 inch woofer and tweeter. Had openings to fill with sand.
Rectilinear 3

Rectilinear 7

Large Advent 

Ambient 66

Mirage M3

Boston Acoustics. They were the top floor standing model in 1988

Vandersteen 2Ci

Vandersteen 3A

Vandersteen 2Ce signatures

DeVore Gibbon 8

Paradigms 12 inch sub (used with the DeVore speakers)

Odyssey Kismet Floorstanding speakers (never should have sold them)

Von Schweikert VR33 Speakers

Golden Ear Triton 2

Golden Ear Triton 1

Golden Ear Triton Reference (present speakers, main system)

JBL L 100 Classic speakers (present speakers office system)

SVS PB2000 Pro Sub (present speaker office system)


@calvinj Yeah, I can see the Harbeths being the end of the road of me.  They do everything I want in a speaker so well.

My buddy had them. He got out the hubby but it was his last speaker. They where great. 


I just bought a pair of Odyssey Kismet Reference floorstanders from the original owner a few months ago on the strength of your previous review, and I must say that overall, they are the best speakers that I have ever owned, and this is pair #21.


KLH 6 (1963)

Large Advent

Bozak ?


Vandersteen 2C

Kef 105

Synthesis (Conrad Johnson)

 Harbeth Super HL 5Plus (current)

Some others I can’t remember.

And these days, I should include my hearing aids as part of the speakers.

Polk Monitor 7s

Bose Acoustimass (mistake letting visual considerations trump audio considerations)

B&W CM7 (with Sunfire sub)

DALI Epicon 6 (with twin Rythmik F12G-SE subs)


In order starting from the 1980’s

American Acoustics

Ohm 4XO

Unity Audio Fountainhead Signature

Genesis V

Goldenear Triton 1.r

Legacy Audio Focus XD-Current, not leaving.

Energy Pro 22

B&W Matrix 3

Energy Veritas 2.8

Revel F52

Klipsch Forte II

Klipsch Cornwall lll

Magico S1

Spendor D9

Electrovoice, Barron I think, 12" woofer, 6" mid, horn tweeter

Yammaha NS 1000 (still own)

Boston Acoustics A200 (still own)

PSB Stratus Gold

Altec Model 14

Paradigm Monitor 11 V2  With matching surround sound items. (short lived) 

Klispch Kornerhorns (still own)

Tyler Acoustics Woodmere II (still own)

2 Rythmic F12 subs (still own)

1. Whatever came with the Sansui rack system I "rented to own" when I was 16.
2. JBL L80t's that quickly replaced the Sansui speakers.

3. JBL L100t's, bought new 39 years ago, woofers re-foamed recently, still have.

4. JBL L100t3's, bought used about 5 or 10 years ago, still have.

Double Advents

Ortofon 445

DIY 2 way Audax Woofer + Peerless Tweeter


PSB X2T with 4 12" subs

Magnepan 1.7i (subs yet to be integrated)

KLH 9's.                                   


Double Advent 

Bose 901's


Magnapaner Mg II's

Ohm F's


K horns

Janszen 412hp stacked


Maggie LRS+

Polk audio

Realistic Mach One (1981-1999(?))

Linn AV5140 passive (1999(?)-2021)

Linn AV5140 active (2021-present)

Klipsh RP600M (2021-present) (second system)

Jenson LS6

Studiolab something (massive 2x12"’, 2x5", 2x tweeters)

Polk Audio lsi15

Polk Audio lsim705

Tang band W8-1808

Tang band W8--2145

PSB Image 2B

SVS PB1000 pro x2


Thank God only 2. First Polk Audio SDA SRS 2.3.  Those were my first high end speakers i bought in the late 80s. Had them many years and though a few marriages. Next was the B&W Matrix 800s. Still love them as much today. 

Panasonic reciever and speakers. 1968

Bose 301

Bose 901

Snell Type A IIs/biamped-bought in Lawrence KS where Gale Sanders was working at the time!

B&W 800 Matrix Anniversary model. (contact me if you want them)

Wilson Sasha 2s

Rockport Cygnus


Realistic Optimist 25

Design Acoustic DC10

Rogers LS4a

Mission 760


TDL 0.5

TDL Sudio1

TDL Compacts

Klipsch Heresy IV

Tyler T1

Volti Razz

Ohm B+

Ohm F's


Klipsch Forte'


ESS AMT Limited Edition (current)

From 1976 to now

DIY Electrovoice

Kef 103.2

Kef 105.2

Phase tech 10.5

DIY Maximus 12 LXE

DIY Speedster

Tekton DI upgraded

Boston Acoustics A150 - early years
Vandersteen 1ci - SOLD and repurchased later on - Currently own
Vandersteen 2ce Signature III
Paradigm Prestige 75F
Kef R11
Tekton Electron (non SE)
Spatial M3 Sapphire
HHR TLS 1 Hybrid
Vandersteen Treo CT
Klipsch RP600M
Wharefedale Diamond 12.2 - Wish I didn't sell
Fritz Carbon 7
Magnepan .7 - Currently own
ATC SCM19 - Currently own


I am so happy you are enjoying the speakers.  They are just so musical.  I spent many nights glued to the sofa listening to them.   When I got my Golden Ear Triton Refs, I put the speakers in my upstairs office in the boxes.  Months later my wife asked why I had 3 pairs of speakers upstairs in boxes as I had kind of promised to sell them to re-coup some of the money I spent on the GE.  I gave them away for $1200.00 to a needy audiophile.  I kick myself to this day for selling them.  Very happy for you. 

What a fun idea! Thanks. In order (mostly) starting in 1968:

*Rectiinear III
JBL Lancer L77
Yamaha NS670
Kef 104.5
Acoustat 2+2
Thiel 3.6
Vandersteen Model 3A
Martin-Logan Monolith IIIx
Klipsch 600M
*Vandersteen Model 5

(* still have)
Bonus question: Which do I wish I still had? Acoustat 2+2

Usher CP-6381

Tyler Acoustic D1's

Carnegie Acoustic  CST-1(upgraded)

Odyssey Audio Kismet (lastest version)

Polk sda 2

Audio physic avanti 

martin logan montis.  Part of ht now

fyne 702

It's surprising to see how many members owned the Polk SDA speakers in the past.

Technics ‘Thrusters’ (hey, I was 12 🤷🏼‍♂️)

Yamaha NS10

Advent (double stack)

Polk Monitor 10

Polk Monitor 12

Paradigm Studio 40 x 4, center and servo 15 (theater)

Triangle Celius

Von Schweikert VR4 jr

Triangle Volanté

Spatial M3 Turbo S


Magnepan LRS

KEF LSX (bedroom)

KEF Reference 1

KEF Blade II

KEF LS50 W II (bedroom)

Avantgarde Uno XD

Not owned that many since I started this hobby in 1978.

EPI 120

Snell EIII

Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL

Spendor 2/3

Spatial Audio M5

EgglestonWorks Fontaine Signature (current speaker since 2018)

So, 6 speakers over 45 years. Guess I don’t churn speakers!


stacked trilogy

Martin Logan CLS w Vandersteen Sub

Martin Logan CLS II w Vandersteen Sub

Von Schweikert VR 4.5 Silver

Revel Salon 2(current)


1970's:- Today

Utah Bookshelfs

BIC Formula 6

ESS Monitors

Dahlquist 10's

Cerwin Vega


Klipsch - Bookshelfs (Today)



Goodmans (can’t remember model, but BIG!)
Acoustic Research
Epos ES14
Quad 57
Sonus Faber Electa*
QLN Sig Splitfield II
Apogee Caliper Sig
Magnepan MG3.6R
Oris Stacked 150 Custom Kalinowski
Carver Amazing Plats
Talon Khite
HSU VT-1 / 2 subs
Merlin VSM MXe With Super BAM
Tyler Acoustics D20
Dunlavy SC-III
Aerial 7B
Aerial SW-12 subs
Dali Mentor 6
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M
Castle Acoustics Harlech
Quad ESL 57 (again)
Merlin BME
Klipsch Heresy
Piega C40
Decware Lii Audio Clones
Spatial Audio X3
Sonus Faber Cremona M
Altec Valencia 846B
Altec VOTT A7
Martin Logan Monolith II
Martin Logan Grotto sub
Martin Logan Impression 11a
Emerald Physics CS2P
ProAc D40R
REL Carbon Specials (Pair)

I'm old, this represents 45 years of activity, so less than 1 pair a year! (Sue me).


@roxy54  LOL... you have a keen eye. (though there's also an asterisk next to the Sonus Faber Electa....)

These are speakers I wish I hadn't sold and may repurchase at some point. I meant to add that comment then realized it was past my nap time.


Thanks for the explanation. I didn't notice the other asterisk. Klipschorns were my first serious speaker. I sold my late model car and bought an old Cadillac to afford them. I loved them.

@loonytunz in my 20s I bought some "Turbo Thrusters" at a garage sale and used them in my garage for years.  Finally some mice got in and chewed everything up.  For $10 it was an easy throw away.

good memories of hanging out in that garage with my buddies drinking cheap beer.

AR2a Acoustic Research

AR3a Acoustic Research

Polk Audio ?

B&W 802

Verity Parsifal

Wilson Audio Alexia 1

Magico A-5

Wilson Audio Alexx V


@skinzy you went higher and higher each time. This hobby is smthg else. I said I would never spend that much on a speaker and as I bought more I spent more. 

Sony (model can't remembered)

Vandersteen 2C


JBL S4600

Wilson Audio Sasha 2

Wilson Audio Alexia 2

Hmmm lemme think about this.  Okeee..  


Infinity 1001A

Qysonic Tad II

FMI 80

Sequerra Metronome 7

Sequerra Metronome 11

Rogers LS3/5A 15 ohm

Rogers LS3/5A 11 ohm

Harbeth HLP3ES with matching passive subwoofers

KEF Reference Series Model 101

Linn Kan I

Creek CLS 10

My 1st speakers were Rectilinear 7's in the 70's. Then - 

Altec 19's

Rogers 1a

Thiel's 3.5's

Acoustats 2200s

Quad USA 63's

Paragon Jubilee/Jems

 Tyler Linbrook Signature

Silverline Bolero's bought about 10 years ago and they aren't going anywhere soon. :-)


@newbee ,

I also owned a pair of Rectilinear 7 speakers back in the 70’s.  They were quite impressive for the time.   I wish I never sold them. I believe the company folded shortly after.  

Dynaco A25 - during high school

Hegeman 2 - during university

Roger's LS3/5a - for classical

Linn Sara's - for everything else!

Linn Isobariks - for the BIG sound

Tannoy 15" Golds - Now these I will be buried in! (They are a 'live musical event' in themselves: so dynamic and detailed in every way.)

Not too many speakers for 55+ years of listening...


Here’s my list:

Snell E/II

Snell C/III

Quad ESL 63

Home made speakers using EJ Jordan full range drivers

Celestion SL 600 / 6000 system

Long gap in between…

Kef LS50

Dynaudio Heritage Special (I couldn’t be happier)

Focal 706V 

Harbeth 30.1

Harbeth 30.2

Focal Kanta 3

Rockport Atria ii

Tannoy Kensington GR

REL S/812

calvinj quick question how did the B&W CM9s compare to the later speakers you had? I have several pair of speakers including B&W CM6s which have the double bass drivers like the CM9s. The thing is if I had to live with the CM6s, I could do it easily because they do sound really good. I do have had many brands of speakers including Wilson so compare them to and they stand up well.

Main system:

Sonotone RM-1 Sonomaster (1964-70)

Acoustic Research AR-2ax (1971-73 in military)

JBL L88 (1970-1983)

JBL L110 (1983-1995)

NEAR 40 me (1995-1997)

Near 50 me II (1997-2012)

Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 (2012-)

Secondary systems:

Advent/3 (1981-87)

Advent/1 (2012-2023)

Celestion 3 (1993 - 2006)

KEF Coda 7 (1996-2023)

PSB Alpha (1996-2006)

E-V Interface 1, Series II (2013-2019)

Wharfedale W60E (2011-)


@frankmc195 the cm9 did not image well and they were tipped up in the treble. The revel studio 2’s were great but a little to detailed and power hungry. The Vienna’s were great but the treble needed more air and collapsed a little at louder volumes. Man the Gato’s are truly a jewel. They are like the 30k gamut’s that they look like. They are a little finicky but if you get the right cables and amos they are special.