B&W CM9 












Magnepan MGII (Still Own)

Bower Wilkins CM1 (Still Own)

Magnepan SMGa (Still Own)

Velodyne Optimum 8 (Still Own)

Magnepan 1.7 (Still Own)

Magnepan 3.7i (Still Own)

REL T/9i (Still Own)



Epicure 100 - 1970s

Advent Maestro - 1980s

Infinity Kappa 8 - late 80s

Original Large Advent stack - 2010s

Snell E/II - 2010s

Snell J/II

ADS 520

Magnepan SMGa - briefly, 2020s

Paradigm Atom SE

Paradigm Founder 40B

Omega Super 8 High Output monitor - current

Vandersteen 1B - current

Vandersteen 2ci

Vandersteen 2ce Signature - current


That would be over 200 pairs, seriously.  


Audio Physic Avanti III, Martin Logan Theos, Parts express Solstice kit, Zaph audio SR-71 kit.

Noteworthy mentions just off the top of my head. 

Polk SDA SRS 2.3TL, 2.3, 2. Infinity Quantum Line Source, Infinity IRS Beta, Infinity Kappa 8, 8.1, 9. Martin Logan Montis, Magnepan 1.7i, .7. Advent Maestro, Acoustic research TSW 610,  Quad Z4. 

Klipsch KG 4.2 

Paradigm 11SE?

Digital Phase

Tyler Acoustic Linbrooks varies iterations

Tyler Acoustics H3.5

Thiel 2.7

Sonus Faber Olympica 3

Wilson Audio Sabrina

Magnavox suitcase stereo

Lafayette (don’t know the name/number)

KLH model 20 or 24 system w/speakers, amp, and turntable

Scott S-15

Large Advents

Polk 5 jr.

Magneplanar SMGa

B&W 805 Matrix (turned me off high-end audio)

Spica 60 (used; smelly; returned them)

Spendor SP-100? (moldy AF; returned them)

Paradigm Atoms v.2

Paradigm Studio 20 v. 2

B&W MM1 computer speakers (still have these; love them for listening to all the songs I ripped to hard drives)

Paradigm Monitor Atoms

Definitive Technology BP2000

PSB Stratus Gold

Dunlavy SC-III (awesome but tall for my room)

Proac Studio 150 

ELAC Unifi UB5

Buchardt S300 currently.




Radioshack home brew (not good!)

Harbeth HL 1 Mk III

Spendor SA1 (original model)

Spendor LS 3/5a

Meridian M2

Acoustic Energy AE1 (original model)

B&W 805 Matrix

ProAc Response 2.5

B&W 802D

Kharma DB7

Wilson Maxx II

Early 1980s - Some sort of Sansui 3 way

Late 1980s - Infinity RS Kappa 9s and Kappa 7s (still own the 7s with upgraded GR-Research crossovers).....great rock and roll speakers

1990s/2000s - Thiel CS 1.2s, Thiel CS 2.3, and Thiel 3.6s (still own the 2.3s)

2022 - Buchardt Audio S400 MKIIs (still own)

Current - Have a pair of Clayton Shaw Caladans on pre-order, in December production run......I believe


Infinity (been so long ago, forget what)

ESS AMT1a (owned 25 years)

Joseph Audio RM25 Signature MkII (owned 20 years)

Aerial Acoustics 7T (owned 4 years now)

Infinity R100

Bose 301

Altec 302

Bose 901 I and IV

Magnepan Mg3

Spica TC50

Dhalquist DQ9

B&W DM600

B&W Matrix 805

B&W Matrix 802

B&W 802 D1

Magnepan 1.7i

Linn Kan

B&W 607

That's all I can quickly think of right now.  I'm sure there were many more.

  1. Fisher- part of a department store set up in high school
  2. DBX - mail order behemoths in college
  3. A/D/S Sat 6- late college, and still have them now with new scanspeak mid/bass drivers They are now mine desktop speakers.
  4. B&W 602- still have at my office
  5. Martin, Logan, CLS - in storage
  6. Magnepan, various models- sold
  7. tekton impact monitors + HSU ULS15 sealed subs, still have
  8. Tekton Ulfberht


Not in any order

Bose 701 - still have for garage

Bose 901

Klipsch RP600m


Elac Unifi UB5

Elac Vela BS403 - still have

B&W Nautilus 805

B&W Nautilus 803 - still have

B&W DM601

Emotva B1+

Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus

Silver Sonata MKii - still have

Awesome to see all of these incredible speakers who have made so many happy over the years.

And @m3thos so glad to see a mention of the Spicas. Awesome speakers and an unbelievable value in the day. Had a friend with those and a full CJ setup and a Well Tempered TT and the sound was spectacular. Always a reminder to me the value of what you put before your speakers and how a well designed stand mount speaker can make beautiful music!

@cbrez we all grow in this hobby and our journey of speakers are different for everyone. 

Fried C2

Mirage- 760

Mirage- M-5si

Legacy Audio- Focus (original version)

Legacy Audio- Whisper (original)

Legacy Audio- Victoria LE

Intuitive Design- Summit (fabulous speakers)

Tyler Acoustics- Supertower

Vapor Audio- Cirrus

Vapor Audio- Arcus

Mosaic Acoustics- Illumination

Meadowlark- Nighthawk

Bamberg Audio- 3 TMW 

Legacy Audio- Calibre XD

Legacy Audio- Signature SE

Legacy Audio- Aeris (internally tri-amplified) Current speakers

I have owned many others that filled roles as center channel or surround speakers as well as subwoofers, or I purchased to get an understanding of their sound. From the Whisper on down in this list, they have all been augmented by at least one subwoofer. The Aeris are currently paired with two Legacy Audio Point One HD subs. I use them to flatten the bass, not produce more bass. Actually looking to go to a pair of Legacy Metro XD subs for this job.


@csmgolf how are legacy speakers to live with.  I have only saw them at shows. I wondered how they would be as a day to day reference 

@gerryah930 how are the Sonus faber tradition. I almost bought an Amati futura back in the day.

They are great, bought used but they sound great. Better than the small sweet spot that the wonderful Wilson's deliver

In no particular order

Klipsch Hersey

Klipsch Cornwall


Braun L810

Large Advent (3 pairs)

Mission 770

KEF 105

Acoustat Model 3

Apogee caliper signature

Apogee Duetta Signature

ProAc Super Towers

Quad ESL (3 pairs)

Reference 3A Decappos

Linkwitz Labs Orions 3.3.1

Rogers 3/5A

Several pairs of small speakers from Radio Shack, Axiom, Mirage etc foe TV and desktop.

Watkins WE-1

ProAC Tablette

Vandersteen 2Ce

Sonus Faber Extrema

Sonus Faber Electa



--Genesis 2's in the 80s (Yamaha amp)

--The Lost Decade

--Soliloquy 5.0 2000 (Rotel amp followed by Cayin EL34 tube amp)

--Hornshoppe Horns 2005 (Almarro 318b tube amp)

--REL Sub 2007 (sold in 2010)

--Reference DeCapo 3As--2010 (Cary 300b in 2017)

--Audio Note AN-SPe-He--2022 (Audio Note Meishu Tonmeister 300b in 2023)

Forgot (for good reason) my investment in Bose Bass Module and 4 Satellite cubes to address the WAF

Polk Audio SDA SRS 2.3  1986  ? - 1994. Stopped listening and sold speakers etc. 2016 bought B&W Matrix 800s. Still have them and use them today. 

In chronological order:

DIY Radio Shack 15” Coax in custom cabinets

KLH 5’s – Original

KLH 12’s – Original

Infinity Quantum 2’s

Polk RTA 11t’s

Martin Logan SL3’s – Still Own

Velodyne HGS 15 – Still Own – Inactive

SVSound SB2000 (2) – Still Own

Legacy Audio Studio HD’s – Still Own

Magnepan 1.7i’s – Still Own


Plus several pairs of bookshelf speakers from, Radio Shack, BIC and Yamaha & Mirage subs.

DIY w Oaktron drivers

DIY w Oaktron woof realistic horn tweet

DIY EV SP12B Phillips mid realistic horn tweet (jam kings)

Pioneer Project 80

Boston A70

Boston A100


Mission 770 Freedom

PSB Image T55

Monitor Audio Silver 6

KEF Reference model???

Revel F32

B&W 705 S2

Dynaudio S Contour 1.2 (current)

Pioneer Surround Sound System

Cerwin Vega ?

Epicure 20+

Spica TC50

Proac Responce 1.5

Revel F50A

Ariel 5T

Audio Physic Avanti

Joesph Audio Perspectives

JBL Studio 530 (Back up)

ATC SCM 11 v2

ATC SCM 19v2 (Loved!!)

Harbeth C7 40th Anniversary 

Omega Vintage 8 RS8

Revival Atalante 3

Emerald Physics CS2

Von Schweikert VR4

Magnepan 1.7

Audio Physic Virgo

Spica Angelus

Spica TC-50

Aerial Acoustics 7T

Silverline Sonatas

Spatial X5s

PSB Synchrony One

Talon Chorus

LSA Signature 80

Plus at least 5 or 6 others that I have forgotten the models on

Not a big list but an interesting journey:

Dahlquist DQ-10s

Kef 107's

JM labs Mini Utopia's

Avalon Acoustics Ascendents 

Vienna Acoustics Liszt -current

Bose bookshelf

JBL L100 (not sure of model number)


ADS L300 (2nd system)

infinity RSIIB (later model with EMIT & EMIM—my absolute favorite, destroyed in an Army move)

infinity Modulus & Servo Subwoofer (31 years as main speakers)

Fyne Audio F-702 (Current)


I just today received two Odyssey Audio Kismet monobloc amps to drive my Fynes.  Even before breaking them in, I can tell they will be incredible.  In the first hour of playing them, I can hear an expanded sound stage, both in width and depth, and the tonal qualities of the instruments is excellent.  It was a four month wait, but It was most definitely worth it, and Klaus at Odyssey, who builds the amps, is a pleasure to deal with.  Now for a few months of burn in.

EPI 250

Bose 901

DCM Time Window 1A

Audio Pro active speakers w/sub

Acoustat Model 6

Innersound Isis

Clayton Shaw's Caladan (forthcoming)


  • Bose 301
  • Radio Shack Minimus 7
  • Focal bookshelf speakers
  • Large Advents
  • Spendor SP1/2E + REL Stentor sub
  • Vandersteen 5A



Wilson Audio Duette2

Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Homage

Viking Acoustic Grande Voix Dual horns

Aries Cerat Auriora ---oh my