List iof 192khz/24bit music in Qobuz

Many are 96/24. I am trying to find 192/24. How?
Great trick, 192. Once an artist is in 192, all of the artists albums seem to be in 192. I had no idea Kiss and Neal Diamond recorded so many records, although that is better as an example than useful information. 
I find if I really want the best sound from Qobuz and I like a particular album or track, I buy it and download it. Tracks in HiRes are $2. Albums in HiRes (if you have Qobuz Sublime level) are about $10.) Even 16/44 is much better than the streaming version.
What is nice is that, as far as I know, Qobuz is the only source of some HiRes material. I can't find it on HDTRACKS or ACOUSTIC SOUNDS.Especially some older classic rock/pop.
At least to my ears, the sound of these items is far better than I have found anywhere. It's much better than my own ripped CDs in 16/44. It's quite amazing. I never knew there was a source for this music in HiRes.

While this can get expensive, if you just get some things you really like, it's not too bad.