List of european tube amplifier manufacturers

Hi I am trying to put together a list of european tube amplifier manufacturers. Why? Because I get better bang for the bucks if I don't have to import from the US and also because many parts of a tube amplifier are produced in Europe.

I am looking for an integrated tube amplifier and so far I have this two on my list.

  • Mastersound BoX
  • PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium integrated amplifier
My speakers are a pair of Tekton Design Double Impact with a 96db spl.
Put Octave Audio at the top of your list.BTW, PrimaLuna is manufactured in China.
Are you in Europe? 

The BoX is a great pairing with the DI. Eric and I traded products to get a feel for the pairing and I can say the BoX didn’t feel like it left anything on the table. It’s a unique product in that it’s an affordable single ended product with a lot of balls to drive the music. 
I can second the Octave suggestion. My local dealer sells Octave and I've heard them on numerous occasions and they're superb sounding.

+1 on the BoX.

You haven't stated a budget...

I recommend adding Lyric Audio to your list.