List of most high end analog active crossovers ever made.

Luxman A-2003 (tubes!)
Accuphase F-15L
Accuphase F-25
Sony TA-D88B 
Sony TA-D900
Yamaha EC-1
Pioneer D-23
Pass Labs..?

Please contribute, current in production can be included, (no pro audio).



I used Threshold 1x and 10x crossovers with Focal Bass Drivers (2-10" Polyglass Drivers: Polyglass technology, exclusive to Focal, consists in applying molten glass microballs on a cellulose pulp cone), with Accuton midranges and tweeters. Pass designed Adcom GFA 535 II, GFA 545 II and GRA 555 II were the amplifiers. I was still using a well broken in Pioneer C-21 (look at the PCB board and the thick traces of very high quality as well as some of the best components one could buy but it took a very long 500hr + breaking time otherwise it was far too bright).

If you want to see the difference between most of the garbage today and true engineering prowess view 

I'll be that SPL is excellent. I wish it were: 1. Less expensive. 2. Had a wider choice of freq range to cross with 50-120 fairly narrow, could use a x10 feature

Wilson Audio have a couple, suitable for lower frequencies.

Wilson Audio - ActivXO and Watch Controller Active Sub-woofer Crossovers