List of most high end analog active crossovers ever made.

Luxman A-2003 (tubes!)
Accuphase F-15L
Accuphase F-25
Sony TA-D88B 
Sony TA-D900
Yamaha EC-1
Pioneer D-23
Pass Labs..?

Please contribute, current in production can be included, (no pro audio).


I'll be that SPL is excellent. I wish it were: 1. Less expensive. 2. Had a wider choice of freq range to cross with 50-120 fairly narrow, could use a x10 feature

Wilson Audio have a couple, suitable for lower frequencies.

Wilson Audio - ActivXO and Watch Controller Active Sub-woofer Crossovers


Apogee utilized a "Dedicated Active Crossover" dubbed the DAX for its Diva speaker (large, planar magnetic speaker, sort of like Magneplanars).  I don't know about the specific contribution of the DAX and biamping, but, the system sounded quite good.

I used a Marchand XM44 when I had Castle Winchester speakers and bi-amped them. Perfectly satisfactory, at least until I discovered ESLs!