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My quest which I started three years ago to find my dream speakers resulted in a lot of lists and comparisons. It occurred to me that I had not seen a comprehensive, free and user-friendly databases of loudspeakers and maybe there should be one.  Maybe others would find it useful (although no one is as OCD with lists as I am :) )

Others - meaning my kind - budget, beginner, not advanced audiophiles like you guys. So it may not mean much to you but still, any feedback would be appreciated. 

speakers (

I know it's amateurish - my design skills suck, the only value in it is the data and possibly the search and comparison features. 

Last but not least, and I won't name names not to exclude anyone, thank you people for helping me to put together this web site, with direct feedback and advice over the years about how to find the ideal gear. Several of you also gave me awesome components for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you fellow members!

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You're on a limited budget, but you still lust for your dream audio system.  The website you pointed us at doesn't include any mention of the Linkwitz designs.  The Linkwitz LX521 system (and it's a system, not just a loudspeaker) can be had as a DIY project.  You could probably do it for about $6,000 or so, total for loudspeakers, active crossover and class D amplification.  Being that it has an active crossover and not a passive one, it is more complex than your typical commercial product.  But in putting it together, you result in a system that is right there in any discussion of hi-end audio.   Visitors will leave your home with envy.  Trust me on that.

@russbutton the list is for full range 2 channel speakers. NOT systems. Nor subs. Or sound bars or swim goggles

@grislybutter  Your response to my post really shows your lack of knowledge.  Any time you match amplification with loudspeakers, it's a system.  The crossover is part of it as is the cabling.  The Linkwitz LX521 *IS* a 2 channel loudspeaker, but seeing as how you know nothing, you know nothing.