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My quest which I started three years ago to find my dream speakers resulted in a lot of lists and comparisons. It occurred to me that I had not seen a comprehensive, free and user-friendly databases of loudspeakers and maybe there should be one.  Maybe others would find it useful (although no one is as OCD with lists as I am :) )

Others - meaning my kind - budget, beginner, not advanced audiophiles like you guys. So it may not mean much to you but still, any feedback would be appreciated. 

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I know it's amateurish - my design skills suck, the only value in it is the data and possibly the search and comparison features. 

Last but not least, and I won't name names not to exclude anyone, thank you people for helping me to put together this web site, with direct feedback and advice over the years about how to find the ideal gear. Several of you also gave me awesome components for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you fellow members!



I haven’t done it. There are a lot of pros and cons of doing it and I am open to input/data entry/feedback/corrections to well meaning fellow enthusiasts and manufacturers as I posted it to the website with my contact.

I just want to control what goes in, my time is limited and I prefer quality over quantity.

Ironically I absolutely suck at details, data entry, accuracy, it takes me 4 times more to generate clean data than for a "normal" person. So I pick my battles, do I want to enter data or have someone else enter it and I validate it? I spent $200 on fiverr during the summer to have someone else enter 3 days’ worth of data. It took me weeks to fix it. (And this was after corresponding with 10+ people nobody cared to do it for whatever $.) Yes, I learn from my own mistakes :) I could have so used that money for an upgrade... but truthfully, I would have tried the outsourcing anyway, no regrets.

Sorry for the long winded answer. Your idea is great, it would add a lot of benefits, I just don’t have the time to implement it - yet.

“But, but, but, what about [fill in the blank]!“

Only a few folks suggesting this so far.

Kudos @grislybutter I enjoyed scrolling through this. Solid work.

So far?

@normb thank you! It's a start, and becoming a team effort. I hope it will grow into a decent list.


So sad that there are people who have the time to find fault, insult, browbeat and otherwise harass others on this forum but honestly, in the year or so I’ve been perusing this site’s threads count yourself lucky there were only 2 tools out of 50 posts - so far.

@normb I agree that it's frustrating. But in the same time, it's feedback too. I am not perfect either and can occasionally pick up the glove - I should just focus on the positive responses.