List of top phono preamps best

I know I have pounded away at this topic but i'm on a mission. I am looking for a phono preamp preferably with balanced circuit and output and want something that approaches the best. I am very fond of the sound of the ear834p which is in my system now, maybe this can offer an idea of what kind of sound I appreciate. The list I have compiled is: BOULDER (out of reach), AESTHETIX IO SIG.. (too many tubes and runs too hot), MANLEY STEELHEAD (a serious contender), LAMM LP2(another contender), PASS XONO (in the ball park), EAR 324 (another serious choice), BAT VK P10(also excellent), CONRAD JOHNSON PREMIER15, ZYX ARTISAN, AUDIO RESEARCH REF or ph?, AESTHETIX RHEA(was considering), ASR BASIS EXCLUSIVE, CARY PH301 or 302, LINN LINTO, HERRON VTPH-1, TOM EVANS THE GROOVE, ART AUDIO, WHEST PS.20. And there are more. What would be your top picks under $3000. used, preferably with balanced?
Check the current thread What's the Best Phono PreampYou Have Heard, it's got a post from today so you'll see it. A wealth of information for you there. From your list, I don't think the Lamm has balanced circuitry; also, as good as I think it is, its gain might not be enough for some cartridges. You should take that into account when choosing your personal "best".
I owned the Whest and I don't think it was balanced, mine only had single ended connections. It was also like a Ferrari, ran great when it worked, but was a bit temperamental. The Whest replaced a Cary PH-301, which I thought was excellent )and regretted selling) for the price. You may want to check out the K&K Audio and Hagerman Trumpet phono stages as well. I know the Hagerman is available as balanced in your price range and I believe the K&K is as well.
If having balanced circuitry is really important to you then you can scratch most of the ones you listed off your list. I owned the Groove, for a year, I demoed the Rhea for 2 weeks, I owned the ARC PH-5 for about 6 months, I demoed the ARC PH-7 for one week, the Steelhead for 2 weeks.
I liked the PH-5 the best but, that's just me. And you can get it new for way under what you are willing to spend. It is better sounding than their preveious Ref (which sold for what? $10,000?) and I think it is as good as the new PH-7 which is their new Ref.
I would suggest checking out the Artemis phono stage. It is not avalable balanced but is a great sounding phono stage. In my system it was a significant upgrade from the Hagerman Trumpet which it replaced.
I have answered a few such threads as this and so here I go again. As many have already commented, if you want balanced, most of your list is not going to work. The BAT and the two Aesthetix models are the balanced units here.

Yes, the Io has many tubes but it does not run hot. Small signal tubes generate very little heat....even 16 of them. And the two EL34's in the PS are not a heat issue. If the Io Sig is too costly, then consider the Std Io.