Listening habits and LP storage

Does your LP storage scheme affect your listening habits?

The majority of my albums are in the basement while my system is on the ground floor. I keep about 30-40 albums near the system (so that they don't overtake the room).

I find that when I listen, I'm picking from the nearby albums instead of my entire collection. I also have lots of new albums that need to be cleaned before I'll listen to them and I'm not getting to those very quickly at all (although I keep buying them :-)).

I'm not at all frustrated by this - if I was I'd be motivated to get up off my rear and rotate the selection near my system. Rather, I find myself content as I put something on and get swept up in the music.

How about you?
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I have limited I am constantly removing and replentishing my collection...I buy about a half dozen or dozen used lps a week...with about a capacity for approx 1,000 lps in my shelf system when full...I trade or give away stuff to friends every 6 months...if I enjoy at least 50%....usually one side...I tend to keep lps...I also randomly grab a stack now and then to keep things fresh...but everybody has faves....
This is all handled by "staff".First there is the valet who will usher me into the listening room and supply me with with a recent list of purchases by my international "team" of seasoned phonograph record shoppers.During this time the support tech team will be turning on amps, cleaning the styli,checking all connections and any bias that might need be done.When they are finished they will place the preamp remote control on a velvet pillow within easy reach.
Selecting the titles from the hundreds that arrive daily from around the world can be a little tedious.Might be time for a massage or foot rub to relieve the anxiety.
Having made my selections the librarian will wheel them into the room on a tea cart purchased at great expense at the the Kennedy auction in New York City.Sometimes you simply have to have the right tool for the job.At this point the valet will return and help me into one of Duke Ellington's old smoking jackets.I find this warm and comfy, especially the upper inside pocket that holds a yet unrecorded Ellington composition from the 1920's.
Having had a bit of a "downturn" in my recent investments i have been using the person who has the job of re filing the records as the "record dropper".The job of the "record dropper" is to put the record on and carefully "drop" the stylus into the groove.I know,i can hear you now...."ouch" easy there......Relax friends,this person is an internationally known heart surgeon,and it was only after innumerable transplants that i felt him worthy of the task.The rest gets rather boring,but rest assured my little ritual of storage and play works well for me.I'm sorry,what was the question?
If I lived in earthquake territory,I probably wouldn't notice much difference after a big quake. Records are everywhere, except where there are turntables, which are everywhere else.