listening in the dark?

Is listening in the dark better?

Scientific research shows that people in the dark can hear significantly better. Senses always ‘fight’ for the brain’s attention. By removing vision, the ears are given more processing power, as it were, to digest sound. As a result you hear more details, you experience a greater sense of space and a greater sense of 3D. A scientific study says: “Closing the eyes affects the style of attending to auditory stimuli by modifying the perceptual relationship with the environment without changing the stimulus itself.”

What do you do?
I agree 100% and have done this for years. Try this to and I'm not joking,take a gatefold LP, open it and rest in on your shoulders behind your head so the album jacket creates a wall behind your ears and sit in your sweetspot between your music. Tell me you don't hear more detail and ambiance in the music.
Metralla: I am going to develop my own version of the Music Mask, which I will call the Soundstage Expansion aXiom. At a reduced cost of $39.99 and an irresistible acronym, it will sell in the hundreds.
I agree 100%. Less distractions which lead to more focus on the music, not the system.
I totally agree that listening in the dark is preferable MOST of the time. I think one can get a better sense of the stage and for some reason ( apparently psycho-acoustic) one hears small details better. OTOH, when it is time to flip that darn 45rpm LP, you better get up and know what NOT to trip over to get to the light switch!