Listening room questions

So I’m setting up my room. Retired it and got it halfway up and running. Still need to haul my Usher CP-8571 DMD’s in.

Im thinking about hanging a comforter on the left hand wall and hanging 4-5 jackets in each corner of the closet and building more shelves and storing blankets back there for deflection.

what do y’all think of hanging a comforter on the left hand wall opposite the window. Would it be worth it sonically or make it kind of uneven?

currently updating virtual system. I’ll post a link shortly. Roughly 10x20x8 (Haven’t measured)
carpet with stucco walls on back and right hand side. Closet in the back and window on the back and right hand side

Pics are here

Comforter would be easy to try, but may add too much damping due to size and thickness. Definitely curtains, they worked well on my side wall window.

Imaging may be improved if you pull your speakers forward away from the console. I guess that's where your Ushers will go.

I would call that room more like 10 x 15 just by sight, but it will be interesting to see who is more "visually" accurate, lol.

Window glass is a hard surface and can generally cause a beaming effect in the upper mids/highs when the waveforms "plane" off it.  The drywall on the other side does not have as much of this effect.  That being said, the speakers you have are on the floor so the first reflection points are going to hit the drywall underneath the window.  However, the Usher's are 48" tall and the window might cause some un-evenness (the right side of the room might sound brighter).  If you wanted to make the room more acoustically even, I would put some heavy drapes over the window and then put that comforter on the left wall like you said.

Jackets in the closet won't really absorb much bass, or even mids/highs, unless they are the really thick winter coats.  Putting stacks of blankets on shelves in the closet may help absorb some bass frequencies (and also act as a broadband acoustic absorber).  If you are serious, you may want to look at fiberglass/mineral wool based panels (with membranes if you want more bass absorption).  Like others have said, contact GIK if you are serious.

You're listening position is pretty much almost at the back wall, so I don't think you'll have many problems with bass due to room nodes (which is more common when the listening position is somewhere in the middle of the room).  If you're happy with bass response, I'd say go with it. 

Fwiw. I'm still moving in and finishing a rewire on the house. The shells are only on the floor as I still have to move my ushers in and it something of a mock up/temporary setup. 

Its 10.5x15.5 + Closet so 18 ft. deep

drapes are definitely going to go up. I have been in the house for 1 week while still working on it. At least a month or 2 before I'm settled