Listening to music I don’t particularly like

Do you find yourself listing to music you don't particularly like because it sounds so good on your system? If I'm honest with myself I am an old dude who grew up with classic rock and really enjoy it but a lot of it was not well recorded. So I find myself listening more and more to other genres of music that I normally wouldn't  just because they sound so good on my system. I don't know what this says about me, maybe I am more of an "equipmentphile" than a music lover? I keep listening to music ranging from classical to vocal jazz to country and I love the sound of it  but it doesn't get my toes tapping like a good old rock song from my youth. I was even listening to Chinese drums today. Is there hope for me? Will I ever ever enjoy this music as much as I enjoy the "sound"?


@4krowme "that doesn't make you bad person, right?"

Of course not. But I think it would be more analogous to suggest someone watching a bad movie all the way through simply because of how good it looks on their tv, then rewatch it. To each his own though. If watching a bad movie or listening to bad music because of how good the picture or sound is, well, more power to you if that brings joy. Personally I'd rather cut one of my toes off before watching The Love Guru again no matter how glorious the picture quality.


bikeske -- Try the Third Movement, the Adagio, of Bruckner's Symphony #8, in a performance by Eugen Jochum and the Berlin Philharmonic on Deutsche Grammaphon. The rest of the symphony can get, as Bruckner tends to be, more than a little long in the tooth. But the Third Movement is as beautiful and moving as anything I've ever come across. I love it dearly.

Thank you, I'll give it a listen. Jochum with the Berliners is typically done well.

Diana Krall.  I would certainly never have gotten any Diana Krall if I had not started chasing the audiophile sound.

The closest I come to the OP’s situation is that I listen to different music when in my car than when listening on my home system.  In the car, I prefer uptempo and hard rock.  In my home, I prefer easier listening and some genres that I would otherwise not listen to, like old-time country (not a fan of most modern country music).  I think it is because the softer music has a broader range of sounds and I can hear individual instruments more on my home system than on the car radio.  Still, I enjoy the music or I don’t listen.  Like classical music — it just strikes me as more suited to a funeral than to a relaxing evening at home. 

 For me, this is really a 'to each his own' case as the audio hobby in general. I have gritted my teeth at someones new toy when I worked at a local college. Dam, the kid was so impressed by his new ear buds, what was I going to say? He loved them. I listened to them and tried my best not to wince.


  Same for me though. Sometimes when I get 'the next level' component (or think that I do), it takes a little bit to come clean with myself. 


 I have to remember how excited I was by the music itself, way back before I had ANY good gear.