LittelFuses Series 285 AUDIO/MEDICAL Quality

After doing some research I found  Littlefuse sells  AUDIO/MEDICAL quality fuses  Series 285 
they are all slo-blow, buy come in various sizes including  5x20 

With the cost being less than $10, has anybody tried these over $100 "Audiophile" brands?
What are your thoughts on Speaker cables or interconnects?  Larger diameter cables are better so 2/0 welding wire should be great to use, but they sound like crud.  So what is it then?  

If fuses don't work then why are people saying they work?  


With interconnects, the MOST important thing is proper shielding. Unless you are running very long cables, most are ok. You dont need to spend more than a few bucks. I found this one to be the best for my cartridge to phono preamp, it works absolutely PERFECTLY:

Cant beat it for 9 bucks.

Shielding, keeping them short and away from higher current cables are the most important considerations for interconnects & low signal cables, especially the lower the signals become (like in MC cartridges).

For cables carrying more current, like power cords & speaker cables, the only requirement is that they are thicker (10 awg or less) and are pure copper. Silver may help a teeny teeny bit more but absolutely not worth the extra cost. You will never hear the difference and even a spectrum analyzer wont detect that much of a distinction. Plus, silver oxidizes/tarnishes very quickly where exposed to air and may create contact issues in time.

With digital cables, even the crappiest & cheapest ones WILL work perfectly , as long as they are within the correct category rating (cat5k up to 100 Mbits/sec, cat 6k & more up to about 1Gb/sec for up to 100 or so feet).

Dont fall for most of the bs about cables & connectors and especially fuses. Most of it is snake oil. People THINK they hear a difference, they DONT. They can not bring themselves to admit hearing no difference after having paid a $100 for a fuse.

"Anyone who claims they can hear a
difference is delusional and also think that tooth fairy, unicorns, traction beams and pixie dust are also real"

Pixie dust is great!!

More seriously, guys, everything matters including fuses. 

In my life I have moved from basic fuses to early audiophile fuses to Synergistic Research black, to SR blue, to last week, SR orange.

I got good results from every move. 

But finally the move to orange last week, straight out of the box was transformational in my system which is pretty basic in its components.  Now, 4 days later, I would say it's among the top 5 bang for the buck upgrades in my system over the last 50 years.  And it's still getting better every day. 

All SR products are available on a 30 day return policy (I think?). 

So you naysayers, you scoffers, you who decry anything which can't be explained by current science, this is your chance to open your minds.....mind you, don't be too open minded - your brains might fall out.

Cakyol -

So reviewers like Michael Fremer are delusional and/or very gullible?

Perhaps you never tried quality audio cables or have a system that is not transparent enough to hear a difference... etc

There are more cables than ohms law and shielding - The removal of the noise is more than shielding it is the removal of distortion.  Capacitance, inductance all play a role in audio quality.    Its Litz wire all delusional?