Live at Carnegie Hall

I have a number of recordings that were done at Carnegie Hall, everything from the ones everyone knows like the Weavers, and Belefonte, to people I usually wouldn't have listened to like Flatt and Scruggs and Lenny Bruce and Peter, Paul and Mary. All of them seem to be well recorded and a lot of fun to listen to.
I was wondering if there is anyplace on the internet where you can find a listing of all the artists that have recorded there?
I typed Carnegie Hall as a search word at the Tower Records website, and got 408 titles. Is that enough? Some are probably duplicate.
A band called Renaissance recorded an album there in 1975 accompanied by members of the New York Philharmonic. The original 2LP set and the new 2CD set from Japan are the best sonically.
Don't forget "Judy at Carnegie Hall," which many critics consider to be Miss Garland's premier work. I own the Steve Hoffman remastered Gold CD version, and the sound quality is as good as you could reasonably expect for a recording of its vintage.
408 titles! Dang, they must have both kinds of music, Country and Western,LOL. Wonder how much is available on vinyl.
I don't know about Judy Garland but, if I stumble across the record I'll give it a shot. What kind of music does Renaissance play?