Live CD Recommendations

I have been on a live CD kick lately and would love to hear some recommendations. I am interested in not only good music, but also good recordings of the live event.

I really enjoy Who / Live at Leeds, Talking Heads / Stop Making Sense and Cheap Trick / Budokan. Stuff like that.

Any suggestions for live CDs that are recorded especially well?

Bonus points for any Prince or Elton recommendations.

Any genre. 
Recommendations here are for the sound quality AND the quality of the artist.  I have hundreds of CD's and these are among the best of in terms of sound quality:

Absolute must if you like the Grateful Dead: May 1977 "Get Shown the Light", a compilation of 4 shows, arguably among their best shows ever.  Great sound, as if you are at the show.

Agree totally with The Who Live at Leeds, I have the Deluxe Edition, and it sounds fantastic.

Allman Brothers Live at The Fillmore 1971, an obvious pick, you can find it in SACD, but another one is their Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival July 1970, a great live recording.

Another great Grateful Dead pick: also among their best shows, if you can find it: San Bernardino, Dicks Picks Vol. 29, 2/26/77.  Amazing sound quality.

Also recommend the Crosby, Stills & Nash 4 Way Street pick-- if you can find the 1992 remaster by Joe Gastwirt-- sound is amazing.

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I love live albums as well and you already have some classic suggestions. Lately, I have been backing into recordings by festival and have had good luck with recordings from Glastonbury. Yes, Bowie, and REM are all excellent- especially the Bowie set.  
Hot Tuna live at new orleans house berkley
David Crosby Grahm Nash another stoney  evening
Neil Young unplugged
Eric Clapton unplugged
A big YES for the Hot Tuna album! I listen to it often for pleasure and as a test/demo record for electric bass. Amazing sonics! 

Love the reference to what Mayall says to the audience.
No more "Room to Move"...those days are way in the past.