live dvd/v concerts

Love watching live dvd concerts on my big screen and 5.1.......problem is that many are sonically lousy Blues(Hall of Fame)......Some are GREAT! i.e.Eagles(HFO)....Steely Dan(2vN)...Sting....Natalie Cole....etc.....Anybody got any other good ones that they feel are sonically above-average?.....Or which ones to steer clear of?
Try substitution your Moody Blues with 'Live at Redrock'

Springsteen's Live at New York City is good.
Not a live concert but an amazing musical event, Calle 54, the Latin Jazz Documentary.
One of my favorite all time concert dvd's is The Talking Heads: Stop Makin' Sense

I also really like is the Concert for Montserrat, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall. Awesome performances by Sting, Mark Knopfler, McCartney, Phil Collins, Clapton, Elton John...Mark Knopfler does Brothers In Arms with full orchestra, the wow factor is very high on this dvd! The sound quality is excellent!