Live Performances Gone Awry

I couldn't help but think about the time I saw Steven Tyler stagger across the stage and pass out back in the early 80's, and how Stevie Nicks cancelled a concert at the New York State Fair around 1987-88 because she had such a bad cocaine problem. The Stevie Nick's show really upset me because she didn't reschedule and they didn't announce it until two hours before the show.

Anyone one else have any poor experiences at a live show they'd like to share? Grateful Dead welcome but please no stories of fans.
I went to see the Chambers Brothers in Boston sometime in the late 60's and only a couple of the "original" band members showed. I have seen a lot of concerts and this one rates at the top of the uninspired list.
I was supposed to go to a concert with a few friends,but didn't make it. Didn't care much for the band anyway, but they had a great story of what happened that night. Nine Inch Nails in Albany, NY in the early 90's...

The singer (Trent Reznor) was swining his mic around in a big circle (it was attached to a cable), and it hit the drummer in the head. They took a half hour or so break while the drummer got stitches. They came back on to finish their set, and about 10 minutes later, someone in the crowd threw something at the stage (they think it was a boot) which ended up hitting the drummer in the head again, opening up the cut that was just stitched. They called it a night after that.

Made me wish I didn't miss that one.
Notice that none of these disasters involve a classical musician or performance?
Entrope, classical music concerts have had their share of such incidences too. Stravinsky's premiere of: "The Rite Of Spring" is perhaps the most notable. More recently, Steve Reich's performance of "Four Organs" had one woman banging her head on the stage, yelling; "Stop, stop, I confess".
I saw Bowie's 1975 "Young Americans" tour.

He seemed just about as interested as the audience.

And that white suit.....LOL