Live Recordings: DVD vs CD; Which do you prefer?

Hello All,
I have oftened wondered.
For us "audiophiles", we are trying to recreate "live" music in our homes.
When it comes to a live recording available both in DVD and CD (and I would often have both versions at home), I am often torn into which to "watch" or "listen". Afterall, the visuals of the DVD often compensates for its comparative lack of sound reproduction compared with the CD (SACD).

What do you prefer? I for one cannot decide.

For me - CD gets the call. I use a homemade SET amplifier with horn speakers, and whatever is loaded into the amp has to be strong. Well, I find DVD to be a much weaker signal - atleast with my Pioneer DV525. Now I am sure that for $2K you can find DVD players that will deliver - but I personally do not plan on spending that much on a DVD player that will only be used once per month on average.

Neither... I must be buying the wrong ones, the last 4-5 I've bought sound horrible.
Could just be me.
Although I sometimes do like watching concert videos alot of times I find the visuals distract me from the music -- even when the sound on the DVD is top notch. So sometimes I just turn off the tube and listen to the music. That said, there are other times when I like to watch the musicians too. Weird?